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Social media marketing and the Bieber Fever

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Image by Constantin B.

Mentioning Justin Bieber can surely detonate a bubblegum pop-bomb across the Internet. The overall effect makes prepubescent girls worldwide squeal and weep with excitement, snap up every piece of merchandise bearing his image and make YouTube videos lip synching to his songs.

On the other end of the spectrum, the rest of us merely see him as this migratory meme that just won’t go away. And so sites have been set up dedicated to document his every misfortune, block him from our Web drifting experience and ridicule his overall image.

Love him or absolutely abhor him, these mentions online give him great leverage that raises him as a brand atop the Web trails.


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Three Corporate Social Media Campaigns that Get It Right

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Photo by PatrickSmithPhotography

There are plenty of companies out there that get involved in social media, but they use it solely as a channel to hock more of their goods, refusing to authentically connect with their audience and solve customer problems. I’ve sent off complaints and left angry public tweets about plenty of companies that were completely ignored.

But then there are good companies that actually care. They listen to customer feedback, help solve problems, address problems when something goes wrong, and build consumer trust by taking responsibility for their mistakes.

Here are three excellent examples to follow while you’re building your online presence and figuring out how to integrate social media in your company:


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Set Up Your Own Social Media Listening Post for Free Online Brand Monitoring

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Image by brainbikerider

On the social web, people are talking about your brand whether you’re participating or not. Do you know how to follow the conversation?

I have my own social media toolkit set up so that virtually any time anyone mentions my name, my company name, or links to my website, anywhere online, I’ll see it. I can then choose whether it’s something I should leave a thank-you comment on, share and promote to my own network, or take action to correct a mistake I may have made. You can no longer control the discussion. You can’t prevent people from saying whatever they want to about you online, but you can participate and guide the discussion. If you want to have an influential role in the conversation about your brand online, you need to be listening.


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