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Debunk Social Media Marketing Myths with these Helpful Tips

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Image by epSos .de

Social media offers a number of powerful tools that can help your business gain new customers and retain loyal ones. However, it can also give you a growing heap of wasted resources if you don’t use them correctly.

With new methods of marketing come misconceptions; you may be getting frustrated trying to learn how to use social media to build your brand and generate leads, but never fear because we’ll help you debunk three of the most common social media marketing myths.


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Getting Your Social Media Accounts Ready for the Holidays

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Image by Tim Hamilton

If you’re thinking it’s too early to be jumping onto the holiday train – it isn’t. With Thanksgiving just weeks away and Christmas soon after, it’s about time you get your brand’s social media presence spreading holiday cheer.

This isn’t just for show, of course. Spreading the holiday spirit through your social media accounts will significantly help your digital marketing efforts. According to Mashable, 65% of shoppers turn to social media when looking for the perfect gift. And since the season is all about gift giving, you have to make sure your brand’s accounts look like reliable places to get those yuletide presents.


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Why Authenticity is Essential for Marketing on Social Media

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Image by Matt Cunnelly

An authentic voice is what can make or break any company or brand’s presence on social media. Often, social media marketers forget that their platform’s primary function is not to advertise their products and services, but enable connections and engagement between people across a variety of relationships, from family members to strangers or acquaintances who simply enjoy going to a particular restaurant.


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Successfully Riding the Wave of Crowdfunding for your Project

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Image by Jean-Marc Astesana

If you’re tech-savvy, you may have noticed the rise of crowdfunding in the form of projects on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. While the idea of raising funds through supporters may sound curious, it actually has generated a great deal of success, helping everything from consumer-level 3D printing to a musician’s tour get off the ground.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 09-27-13

Friday, September 27th, 2013

iOS 7 Snags 5M Social-Media Mentions in One Day (

Apple’s mobile OS lit up the social networks the day it was launched, grabbing more than 5 million mentions among social media users last Sept 18. It was a major topic of conversation, partly due to the rising use of social networks.

10 iOS 7 Features Brand Marketers Will Love (

iOS 7 presented a big change for its users, marketers, and developers when it launched last September 18. Katherine Leonard shares 10 iOS 7 features that brand marketers should embrace in the next few months in order stay relevant.

Artsy App for iPhone Changes Game for Art Collectors (

While developers worked hard to update tried-and-true apps that allow users to listen to music, read, and browse the Internet to coincide with the release of Apple’s new mobile OS, a brand new app designed for iOS 7 allows users to buy art on their iPhones.

12 Ways Android is Still Better than iOS 7 (

Even through iOS 7 has been gathering some rave reviews and is an undeniable improvement from any previous Apple OS, it still falls short of Android in several areas. Jillian D’ Onfro gives us a few reasons why it’s still not wise to make the switch.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Is Your Business Ready for iOS 7? (

Forget about the supposedly more powerful iPhone 5S or the colorful and more affordable iPhone 5C. For many Apple aficionados, the biggest draw to the gadget is the newly launched iOS 7, which is full of features that make the iPhone business-friendly.

No-cost Strategies for Keeping Your Content Marketing Plan Up and Running

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Image by Images Money

Content marketing is a great strategy to adopt, especially if your company’s marketing budget is limited. Whether done through your blog or on social media accounts, the more effort you put into content marketing, the more traffic your website will attract.

However, a high traffic website doesn’t necessarily equate to higher profits. The content you produce must be informative, entertaining, and above all, lead to sales conversion. Although costs, whether calculated in dollars or time, are an undeniable part of creating and maintaining a content marketing plan, there are some simple but proven ways to get your message across without burning a hole in your pocket.


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The Possibilities that Arise from Facebook’s Acquisition of Mobile Technologies

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Image by mrpeachum

Social media giant Facebook has recently acquired Mobile Technologies, a startup known for its voice recognition and translation tools. This could have been done to support Facebook’s aim to integrate voice technology and expand its search features beyond English.


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