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Monthly Link Roundup – 03-31-17

Friday, March 31st, 2017

This Is Not A Test: Google Optimize Now Free — For Everyone (

Last Spring, Google launched its enterprise-class A/B testing and personalization product, Google Optimize 360. The solution saw great demand from customers so the search engine giant made it more accessible by launching a free beta version last fall, which garnered over 250,000 users requesting an Optimize account. Last March 30, Google announced in its blog that both Optimize and Optimize 360 are now out of beta, with the former immediately available to everyone for free.

Youtube Creators Have Complained About Declines In Ad Revenue (

Several big-name advertisers suspended ads on YouTube last week and the week before after discovering their ads were making money for videos containing hate speech or supporting terrorism. Google has responded by promising greater transparency and saying it will be more aggressive in ensuring brand safety of ad placements.

Study: Only 22% Of Consumers Have Engaged With A Chatbot (

Chatbots haven’t been a retail reality for all that long, and only got a high-profile market boost from Facebook about one year ago. So, it’s probably not fair to expect customers to actually seek out chatbots.

SXSW: 4 Best Practices to Make Bots the Next Big User Interface (

People spend more and more time on their smartphones, but with such a limited set of apps that it’s becoming harder and harder for newcomers to reach them. Chatbots are the solution; they play out on one of the entrenched sets of apps that people already chronically use: messaging apps.

The Periodic Table of Landing Page Elements (and How to Use Them for Explosive Success) (

landing page creation is a bit like chemistry. You’re taking elements that already exist and putting them together in just the right proportions to engineer the exact reaction you want from your audience. But which elements do you need?.

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Customer Service?

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Image by brycej


Artificial Intelligence or AI has been a popular topic in the tech industry lately, and was widely discussed at this year’s SXSW. The technology has massive potential for customer service and engagement, but will it ever be able to completely replace the need for human agents?


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Tool Time: Buffer

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

BufferApp- Logo

To compel and to initiate interactions with your targeted Twitter-based demographic, they should, needless to say, be able to read your tweets first. It’s not like people will proactively seek you out on a daily basis; that mostly happens only to massively popular brands. And there are a lot of factors that can make your tweet a fleeting speck in the entire Twittersphere.


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Tool Time: Threadsy

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

UPDATE: Threadsy has since closed down shop, bidding farewell in November 2011.  ]

Originally launched in June 2009 during TechCrunch50 last year, Threadsy has been in private beta until it opened its doors to the public (beta) mere days ago. It’s an all-in-one social media and communication client; and it has to be one of the most potent one you’ll find online today.


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Tool Time: CoTweet

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

It’s been pretty interesting since Twitter’s API became open to third party Web site developers. It prompted the emergence of an organized cacophony of Web tools and services that leveraged on the microblogging tool’s functionalities.

As a result, we have been seeing some considerable amount of features, capabilities and third party site implementations to organize the Twittersphere and integrate messaging. These ranged from the useful services aimed to enhance Twitter usage, track statistics and enable cross platform information sharing, to those single-serving tools that inject 140-character fun and gaming into the user experience.


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Announcing Your Contests on Twitter

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Image by Jef Aerosol

Including promotions like games and contests is one of many effective ways to inject more juice into your online marketing campaign’s SEO initiatives. For your target demographic, it enhances your Web presence by strengthening brand discovery and familiarity while giving them something fun to do. It gives you a platform where you can thank your existing audience and reward them for their loyalty as it drives considerable site traffic and reels in potential new clients in the process.

All these can be further augmented by including social media into the strategy to be able to easily broadcast on a much wider platform.


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Twitter’s @anywhere Goes Live

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Image by greyweed

Twitter’s @anywhere feature has now gone live and ready for the taking for Web developers and site owners, as announced by the social communication tool’s co-founder Biz Stone on their official blog.

As you may remember, this feature was initially previewed last month during SXSWi where Twitter CEO Evan Williams explained the technology behind it and how it can benefit both users and Web site owners alike as it opens up the so-called Twitterverse. As a refresher: @anywhere is Twitter’s latest communications platform that allows for a much deeper integration with other Web sites.


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