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Achieve Rapid Growth by Leveraging Your Mobile Programmatic Data

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Image by hsingy


Marketers already consider mobile as the top opportunity in programmatic advertising. Organizations that embrace mobile and recognize its strength for speed and targeting accuracy will be able to fully leverage the power of programmatic data when introduced soon after campaign inception.


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Monthly Link Roundup – 03-25-16

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Like Facebook, Instagram Is About To Go—Gasp—Algorithmic (

Instagram wants to make your world more customized and your “literal” likes by arranging your feed so that it shows what it thinks you want to see first. Simply put, the Facebook-owned company will be posting according to popularity instead of chronologically, like it always has.

5 Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye On From SXSW (

Mobile marketers need to re-evaluate how to successfully reach new audiences that have moved from initially sharing their lives on social media to a medium that is essentially narrower. At this year’s SXSW Interactive, plenty of new, notable marketing trends have emerged.

What Does Twitter’s Algorithmic Feed Mean for Social Marketing? (

This month saw a major shift in the social media landscape when Twitter switched all of its users to what is called an “algorithmic feed”. This means that, just like Facebook and Instagram, users will be more likely to view tweets that match their own preferences rather than just the most recent ones.

Algorithmic Feeds Force Us To Compete (

The free ride is over. Brands can no longer use social media platforms as unlimited marketing channels anymore. The hard sell will fade from view in favor of actual entertainment—rather than a mix of content posts and straightforward marketing, each status update, photo, video, or post published online will need to be laced with delight or risk obscurity.

7 Tips For a Successful Snapchat Video Marketing Campaign (

With Snapchat reaching 8 billion mobile video views per day, there’s a lot of video content that’s being shared on an app that most marketers still aren’t sure how to use or capitalize on. Increasing social media engagement and getting any user from a Snap-to-sale should be your main priorities when using Snapchat for social media marketing, but how?

Weekly Link Round Up – 03-15-13

Friday, March 15th, 2013

10 Best Mobile Apps for Easier Social Media Marketing on the Go (

Smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become essential tools for today’s digital marketers. Here are few of the best apps available to help mobile users manage their social networks even when on the go.

Games, Social Networking Taking up Most Time on Mobile Apps (
A new study has shown (somewhat unsurprisingly, we think), that mobile device owners are using their smartphones and tablets for gaming and social networking. This presents a great opportunity for Social Media marketers who are breaking into the mobile space.

Social Apps Rise on Mobile (

Downloads for social apps are up 30% year over year, and revenue from those downloads has nearly doubled, accounting for 3% of all revenue generated in Apple’s app store. And this trend is not just limited to the United States, as other regions’ purchases show increases for social apps.

Mobile Is Changing Business, Is Yours Ready? [Infographic] (
This interesting infographic from SocialMouths gives us an idea of how mobile use is changing the nature of businesses, particularly in terms of how they access information on products and services. Being prepared for mobile may be one of the best ways to prepare for success.

3 Steps to Leverage Mobile Marketing through Facebook (

With the explosion of the mobile market, social media professionals need to be prepared to take advantage of this fast growing market. Considering that of the top 10 mobile properties in the US, 30% of users spend the most time on Facebook, optimizing your mobile campaign to target Facebook users is a viable strategy.

Weekly Link Round Up – 12-07-12

Friday, December 7th, 2012

5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand with LinkedIn Marketing (

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform that helps in career networking and business promotion. It targets specific audiences, which makes it ideal for creating professional networks and enhancing your business’s online presence.

4 Ways to Profit from LinkedIn (

LinkedIn is more than just a modern Rolodex or glorified resume, it contains more valuable information about people and companies than you could imagine; you could even use it to help your business find great business opportunities and earn a profit!

Why You Need a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Small Business (

LinkedIn is best known for enabling people to create professional profiles, but many SMBs have not taken advantage of profiles they can make on the social media website, LinkedIn Company Pages. This post looks at the reasons why every business needs a LinkedIn Company Page and explores the most important aspects of creating a page.

Supporting SMS Marketing with LinkedIn (

LinkedIn is a low-cost and low-maintenance way to get returns for your business’s marketing dollar. One of the best ways to take full advantage of this social media platform is to combine your SMB’s LinkedIn presence with your current SMS marketing campaign. Jason Brick shares 5 easy steps to make this endeavor easier.

Social Media Statistics 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC] (

To lend some perspective on your business’s social media marketing efforts, it helps to understand the size and growth rates of different social media platforms. This colorful infographic allows us to understand where the different platforms fit into the social media landscape.

Facebook overhauls iOS app for faster performance

Friday, August 24th, 2012

New Facebook for iOS app offers faster performance

Image by Johan Larsson

According to Facebook’s stats, over 543 million of their active users, as of June this year, access the social media site on the mobile Web through their apps. Through these, users are able to connect and engage with their friends and family on their smartphones and tablets even when on-the-go. With mobile as one of Facebook’s top focuses, the social media giant has unveiled a newly overhauled Facebook app to further improve user experience.


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Qualities of a well designed mobile site

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Developing a mobile site is a great can help expand a brand's presence and greatly boost their reach.

Image by Johan Larsson

In today’s hyperactive social Web, brands will need to establish a strong online presence and cultivate a community of followers in order to succeed. But aside from having a Web site and multiple social network profiles, droves are also turning to the mobile platform to better reach out and engage with their targeted demographic.


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Day 2 at Google I/O: More tech for your social media marketing tactics

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Image from Google I/O’s Google Plus page

One of the largest mobile and Web developer conferences, Google I/O, kicked off this week with Google delivering a considerable smorgasbord of goodies for its attendees of tech developers. The three-day conference erupted with cool announcements on its first day, with the company unveiling new products and updates that included the latest version of their mobile operating system / development platform, Android Jelly Bean, as well as under the hood updates to some of their Web services.


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