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Social Sentry: The Corporate Watch Dog

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

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A study published by scientists from the University Of Melbourne last year revealed that people who took time between tasks to visit non-work related Web sites like news portals and social networks prove to be more productive.

While this sounds reassuring to service and productivity-oriented businesses and a great excuse for the employees to integrate the likes of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube into their daily office habits, it also raises a lot of alarming security issues. One of these leading concerns is the high risk of leaked sensitive information brought on by employees’ unfettered access to various online outlets. This can lead to legal exposures, unwittingly declaring the company’s competitive information and causing possible brand damage.


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The Three Immutable Laws of the Social Web

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Social Network Users

Social media has transformed the entire landscape of the web—not only how people produce and consume information, but also how businesses must engage and take care of their customers. If you want to be truly successful with online marketing, there are some rules of the new media environment that you need to learn and follow. These are the new rules for business success online.

You Have to Be Genuine

You’ve gotta be real. You can’t be the pushy car salesman. You actually have to demonstrate that you care. A lot of traditional marketing is overly pushy and sales-oriented, and these days, consumers are getting more and more effective at blocking out advertising entirely. When you get an unsolicited marketing newsletter or a spam message in your email inbox, do you read it? Or do you trash it immediately? Same rule applies to your potential customers. They’re smart, and they don’t want to be pitched to. Consumers trust the recommendations of their peers, and they trust companies who go out of their way to demonstrate that they care and provide helpful, relevant advice in the right context.


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Social media as a means for real-life interaction

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Business Networking

Look around you: how many items with an internet connection can you see from where you’re sitting? These days, we have a constant companion in our pocket, at our desk, and in our homes. Our computers, phones, and iPods allow us constant access to the internet and thus to each other. But as our lives become more and more saturated by technology and our total communication skews increasingly digital, our connections are becoming less and less human.

As a result, some individuals are fighting back by leaving their phones behind, disconnecting from their laptops and coming together to connect face to face. Some advertisers have caught on and have begun to create campaigns around these connections, like Dentyne’s Make Face Time campaign, or T-Mobile’s Life’s For Sharing. These campaigns focus on their products’ role in human connections, whether it’s as simple as fresh breath for when you lean in for a kiss, or the technological means to bring people together to collaborate or connect. Of course, this has all come through baby steps. From dating sites to XBOX Live, the humanization of digital interaction has slowly altered the DNA of our online interactions.


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Passion – A prerequisite for social media

Friday, September 18th, 2009


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Most marketers claim that social media is for EVERYONE.  I’m going to have to disagree.

What compels someone to do 2 hours of research for 1 blog post?  What motivated someone to reach out to bloggers, Twitter users, and to comment on Facebook fan pages in addition to all of the other business tasks that he or she needs to do?  Why would someone want to associate his or her brand with the company and speak to people on the company’s behalf.

People do it because they’re passionate about their work.  If you love your company/job, then you’re going to go above and beyond what is expected of you and the people you interact with will notice this.


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