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Product Photography Tips to Maximize Your Image Impact on Social Media

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Image by Anant N S


For those in the product or retail business, having superb images of the inventory is a must, given the popularity of visual-driven platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. However, many businesses—SMBs in particular—are often unable to afford the services of professional photographers, meaning they’ll have to count on their own amateur photography skills to come up with high-impact product shots.


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Using images on your blog and where to find them

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Image by geoftheref

Aside from organically spreading through social media sites and SEO-ing their links offsite, one of the best ways individual blog posts can get attention from the Internet is by optimizing your actual content. This involves creating original write ups intended for both human readers and search engines to go through and then polishing them with relevant images. Depending on their quality, context and relevance, images will definitely help magnetize both your existing audience and attract new, untapped markets to read your piece.

Unfortunately, not all bloggers are created equal and some may lack the creative skills and/or the proper equipment to craft illustrations, render animated elements or shoot photos of their own. Unsurprisingly, its vastness, the Internet, is just a browser click away to aid you.


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