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Tool Time: 10 awesome tools for doing more with Instagram

Friday, July 27th, 2012

As one of the hottest apps today, Instagram is fueling a generation of mobile photographers. You’ll see them practically everywhere—smartphone-armed younglings that range from the bearded youth movement to that corporate preppy across the hall snapping photos of anything and everything that comes close to what they define as “interesting.”


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Facebook unveils tool for adding acquaintances, improves photo viewer

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Image by Franco Bouly

This week, Facebook rolled out an update and a tool that are both aimed to improve user experience. The social media giant rolled out a tool that will suggest people to add to your Acquiantance list, as well as implement a several improvements on their photo viewer for better image viewing.


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Tool Time: GRID

Monday, March 7th, 2011

New Web service GRID aggregates photos from your social media sites

Unless you subscribe and pay for cloud-based image hosting services, you probably leverage on free third party hosting sites like the majority of Internet users. For images, we normally upload and publish photos directly on social networking sites, or we leverage on free online services like Plixi, Flickr, and Instagram. Depending on the intended use and outcome, most of us use more than one of these sites with the normal process involving either enabling their auto-cross publishing feature, or copying and pasting the resulting URL across our sites and online profiles. So in a manner of speaking: upload, share then forget about the file source.


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Using images on your blog and where to find them

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Image by geoftheref

Aside from organically spreading through social media sites and SEO-ing their links offsite, one of the best ways individual blog posts can get attention from the Internet is by optimizing your actual content. This involves creating original write ups intended for both human readers and search engines to go through and then polishing them with relevant images. Depending on their quality, context and relevance, images will definitely help magnetize both your existing audience and attract new, untapped markets to read your piece.

Unfortunately, not all bloggers are created equal and some may lack the creative skills and/or the proper equipment to craft illustrations, render animated elements or shoot photos of their own. Unsurprisingly, its vastness, the Internet, is just a browser click away to aid you.


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