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Letting Social Media Conversation Inspire Marketing Campaigns

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Image by Alexander Baxevanis

Successful marketing depends on capturing market insights and connecting with the consumers. Even with the help of research and focus groups, creating an effective campaign can still be a hit or miss proposition. However, there is another source of inspiration that can result in reasonably successful and affordable marketing campaigns: Social Media.


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Benefits of Linking Customer Service with Social Media

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Image by Dell Inc.


Social media is changing how people interact with companies. Instead of funneling their questions or complaints to customer service representatives in stores or call centers, more and more people have now been tweeting or posting them to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. According to a 2012 report by American Express, 46% of internet users in the United States have used social media to vent their frustrations about the company and 50% seek an actual response on these posted issues.


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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Optimizing Your Google+ Posts

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Image by David Goehring

As we mentioned in the past, brands and businesses shouldn’t underestimate the power of Google+ as it presents numerous advantages that can raise brand awareness with your target market. But besides creating discussions in Google+ Communities, effectively managing what you post in the social network is a must in order to attract new followers, retain loyal customers, and expand your Circles.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 04-12-13

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Why You Are Ignoring the Most Important Data (

There is no doubt that business has a love affair with big data. It’s finite, scalable, and measurable. But the most important information lies in conversations. Unfortunately, the fascination with big data keeps people from taking the time to look into these conversations and analyze them with a human thought process.

New Study Shows 5 Factors Push Social Behavior and Not So-Called Influencers (

With a new measurement framework dubbed Pente, thinkers in New York challenge the notion of people who are “influencers”. According to the framework, it’s not the “influencer” who changes behavior. Instead, the power lies more in the message and to whom it was sent to.

Relationship Intensity and ROI Measurement (

As everyone in the marketing industry knows, there must always be a return on investment. Without one, no business can survive. But how does one measure returns from relationships built? Since a strong emotional connection drives brand loyalty, perhaps it’s best to measure relationship intensity along with the ROI.

The Psychology of ‘Trends’ on Google+ (

When people explore on Google+, one of the most salient things to note is the instant access to what’s trending on the network. While this does sound similar to Twitter’s trending topics, Google also shows specific keywords. Now, while it’s easy enough to get a trend started, the tricky part is getting it to spread.

With Pulse, LinkedIn Is Becoming The Newspaper Of The Future (

LinkedIn is best known as a place to build professional relationships. But with its recent acquisition of news-reader Pulse, it is slowly developing into what seems to be the newspaper of the future. By broadening what users think of it, LinkedIn steadily builds itself into not just a place for finding professional connections, but also for keenly following industry thought leaders.

Weekly Link Round Up – 03-29-13

Friday, March 29th, 2013

The 5 Stages of Building a Culture of Community on a Blog [Case Study] (

Building a following is one thing, but what about a community? While this can be simple to achieve on a platform built for communication among different members, this can be tricky on a blog. Fortunately, with the right mindset, it’s possible to get the ball rolling on creating a culture of intercommunication.

Encouraging Existing Members of Your Community to Participate Without Nagging Them to Death (

Participation is the key to a vibrant community, but what happens when it seems to be in a sleepy state? While it’s possible to encourage members to go out and participate, doing it too much may lower their perception of your brand. Furthermore, it helps to take extra steps to ensure that the reminder feels more personal than cold and automated.

2 Exercises To Strengthen and Grow Your Social Networks (

Content can only do so much when it comes to building a social network. To further strengthen and grow what you already have, consider focusing on the people you’ve already connected with and get them connected with others. This in turn would add to your value as a connection.

Kickstarter: How Crowd Funding Is Changing Business (

Crowd funding takes community and business to an entirely different level by taking ideas and encouraging people from all over the internet to fund it. Making the most of it involves not just having the right connections, but also rallying a community through great incentives and engaging updates.

Email and Newsletter Design Best Practices [Infographic] (

Although the limelight constantly shines on Facebook, Twitter, and emerging stars in social media, email and newsletters shouldn’t be overlooked. With smart design, they can serve as essential tools to help manage your brand community and keep followers engaged.

Helping Satisfied Customers Become Successful Brand Advocates

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Image by Sid Mosdell

Although creating quality content is an essential part of social media marketing, a lot of companies would agree that it can be quite expensive and time consuming. In fact, Curata’s B2B Marketing Trends Survey 2012 Report states that three of the biggest challenges companies face when churning marketable content are creating original content, devoting enough time to create it, and finding high-quality and relevant content. With as much as 28 to 33 percent of marketing budgets allotted to this aspect of marketing, it’s obvious how coming up with good content can be an often overwhelming challenge.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 02-15-13

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Valentine’s Day in the age of Facebook (

While love manifests itself on Facebook in a fragmented way through likes, shares, and tags on photos, the power of Big Data could provide a way for people to create new relationships. This may be possible due to how long Facebook has been studying our romantic connections.

Can Big Data + Big Dating = True Love? (

In another example of Big Data harnessed to bring people together, dating sites and applications have long been using innovative tools and powerful infrastructure to match people. But are these effective when it comes to helping users find true love?

6 Brands Say We Love You to Facebook Fans on Valentine’s Day (

With love in the air, there’s no doubt that brands are following suit. While we’ve already passed the day of hearts, it’s still worth looking back at some notable brands that celebrated love in an interesting way.

Four Valentine’s Day Campaigns To Inspire Your Digital Marketing (

For some campaigns, the love doesn’t end with a funny picture or a quirky message. Some brands go the extra mile to reward their customers in different ways, whether though displaying customer messages through shop windows or allowing them to drop a hint about a gift they liked.

The Analytics of Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC] (

As always, marketers are on the lookout for interesting analytics to report. This year, some took a look at web traffic and behavioral data across several online dating sites. What they found was something remarkable: Valentine’s Day might not be what everyone thinks it is on the internet.


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