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Weekly Link Round Up – 05-24-13

Friday, May 24th, 2013

After Hijackings, Twitter Adds Two-Step Security Feature (

Last Wednesday, Twitter introduced two-factor verification, a security and authentication feature that will make it harder for hackers to hijack user accounts, following months of high-profile hijackings on the popular social media website.

Top 10 Social Media Security Problems in 2013 (

Not only are social media platforms used for communicating, they’re also where individuals and brands create online identities and represent them through various activities online. Needless to say, it’s important that these platforms are dealt with in a way that ensures privacy and security for its users.

Keeping Your Corporate Social Media Accounts Secure (

News stories about high-profile Twitter accounts being hacked on a regular basis prompted the microblogging site to increase its security measures through two-factor verification. This article discusses the techniques that hackers use to hijack accounts, and protection measures that companies can enforce to ensure the safety and security of their accounts.

The Five-Step Guide to Better Social Media Security, Step 2: Centralize Social Media Channels (

As the second excerpt of a five-step guide, this article specifically looks at the importance of securing and centralizing social media channels while keeping employees active on social media accounts.

Home PCs are Safer Than Small Business Sites [INFOGRAPHIC] (

This handy infographic, released by a UK-based web hosting and domain name provider, compares the state of website security to that of personal computer security and found that site security “simply isn’t taken as seriously as the measures small businesses take for their home computers.”

Weekly Link Round Up – 12-21-12

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Instagram Reverts to Original Terms of Service for Advertising Practices (

Following the negative response to its recent terms of services announcement, Instagram has stepped back from the controversial advertisement clause in its new policies. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom also posted a blog that clarifies the company’s intentions.

Instagram’s New Terms Could Impact Your Business (

Despite Instagram changing its new advertising policy to address the outcry it initially sparked, businesses are still advised to be wary of their posts in the photo-sharing app if they choose to retain their accounts. Ownership and content distribution may still become a problem once the updated policy is implemented.

National Geographic Suspends Instagram Account After Yesterday’s Controversy (

Following Instagram’s announcement of its new policies, National Geographic released a statement regarding its account in the said photo-sharing app. The future of the magazine’s Instagram account will depend on whether the new terms will proceed or not.

Instagram’s Loss Is a Gain for Its Rivals (

Instagram’s announcement of its new terms of services isn’t all bad news; at least not for its competition. According to the New York Times’ Bits blog, other photo-sharing applications such as Pheed and Flickr benefited from Instagram’s proposed – but now abandoned – new advertising policy. These brands experienced a boost in new users and photo uploads in as little as 24 hours.

Instagram users should wise up (

CNN online columnist Douglas Rushkoff explains his take on the issues involved in how Instagram may have developed its new advertising policies. The concepts of free service, user entitlement, and how the photo-sharing app is essentially a business are also discussed.

Password best practices to keep your brand safe on the social Web

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Image by Tekke

As you may know, choosing a password is the first step in keeping your brand safe online. This is for all your social profiles and Web and cloud computing services you’ve signed up for. But sometimes, if hackers are motivated by financial gain or by intentions to data mine your precious information, they will find ways to crack your password and gain entry into your account. Once there, they can get their grubby hands on your brand’s personal information, saved files, and, alarmingly, your list of followers.


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Five ways to combat comment spam on your blog

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Image by juhansonin

Launching and maintaining a blog for your brand’s content marketing and SEO tactics entails many responsibilities. And among them, content creators and bloggers are tasked to regularly produce and publish content, frequently engage with followers, share content across the social Web, and keep the blog and the brand safe from any form of intrusions. Online, these “intrusions” can come in different forms—from viruses (or is it “virii?”), malicious phishing sites, and Web spam.


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New scam targets Draw Something players on Twitter

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

New Twitter scam targets Draw Something players

Image by Coletivo Mambembe

Launched early last month, mobile game Draw Something has become a massive success. It runs on the same gaming mechanics behind Pictionary and Win Lose or Draw but heavily employs a social component, letting players take turns and play with multiple competitors. Its massive popularity even overtook Zynga, eventually prompting the social gaming giant to acquire the game and the development company behind it OMGPOP.


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Twitter scam exploits Doctor Who actress’ name

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Image by eldh

Yesterday, the people behind the sci-fi show Doctor Who used Twitter to unveil a handful of announcements about their upcoming season. And like wildfire, every tweet they send out coursed through the Twitterverse and crossed over to other social networks like Facebooks, Tumblr and Pinterest. Quite naturally, this blitzkrieg-esque flood of attention to a specific topic not only caused them to trend worldwide, but they also attracted malicious activities to flock the social media giant. One in particular exploited the name of actress Jenna-Louis Coleman, the latest companion to the show’s protagonist.


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Snapshot: Social media security basics

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

The social Web has definitely taken over most of our lives, and it is a definite driver that shapes every aspect of society. From the technologies and services created for driving businesses and brands to succeed in their industries, down to the way we communicate with each other—all of these are being constructed around its complex connections.


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