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Monthly Link Roundup – 02-27-15

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Instagram Videos Will Now Loop Over and Over in Your Feed (

Instagram rolled out a small update that now lets videos repeat endlessly on the feed rather than playing just once. The update creates a GIF-like experience that puts Instagram at par with Twitter’s Vine app.

Google Acquires Odysee, An App For Private Photo/Video Backup And Sharing, Team Joins Google+ (

Google has just recently acquired Odysee—an app that allowed users to automatically back up and share photos. Odysee will now join Google+ to develop its Photos service, which may soon offer new features such as offline and private sharing options.

Here Is the Captivating Ad Format Facebook Hopes Will Wow Its Users (

Now with its autoplay capability, Facebook can now support cinemagraphs on its NewsFeed. Facebook is also encouraging more brands to take advantage of this format to make creative ads that can captivate users on the network.

Twitter introduces TweetDeck Teams to make managing accounts easier (

Twitter recently launched “TweetDeck Teams” for its dashboard app to let users share Twitter accounts without having to share passwords. The new feature allows those who manage or share a twitter account to limit the number of people with access to the shared account’s credentials and password.

Snapchat Now Lets You Add Music To Your Snaps (

SnapChat users can now add music to short videos they send through the photo-messaging app. Currently available only on the iOS version, this new feature allows users to incorporate their videos with audio from iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Digg: The rise and fall of a social media giant

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Image by Tyler Howarth

Digg was once a superstar in the user-curated social news platform. Shortly after its initial launch, it enjoyed years of being one of the most popular destination sites for people looking for news other than the mainstream news services. It has also been an excellent social media marketing toolfor brands wanting to supplement and empower their Internet marketing strategies. But the past couple of years have not exactly been positive for Digg. Disastrous decisions and drastic changes have stained the once social media giant, causing its user base to flounder.

But after being acquired by a new company, Digg tries to bounce back from the gutter—rebooted into startup mode with a spiffy new site redesign to boot.


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Twitter enhances Discover tab for better personalized content

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Image by JoshSemans

Twitter’s current design  offers a very user friendly layout, with all its features readily available on-page. And among the features the company introduced in its design overhaul back in December, the Discover tab offered features outside of the basic newsfeed and around the Twittervierse. It displayed the trending topics, recommends other users you can follow, and the lists down the stories that you might find interesting. Earlier today, however, social media company revamped the tab to present content that is even more personalized to better deliver what is meaningful for its users.


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