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Post Better Pins with Pinterest’s New Marketing Developer Tools

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Image by mkhmarketing


Yesterday, Pinterest launched Marketing Developer Partners, a program that enables businesses to scale and optimize their marketing efforts on the social media platform while enabling pinners to benefit from a richer user experience.


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Bringing the Social Back to Social Media: How to Start a Conversation

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Image by Benson Kua

Because of how easy it is to broadcast on social media, it’s not surprising that some, if not most, companies tend to use it solely as just another marketing channel for pushing their brand message. Using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as marketing tools isn’t bad per se as it does help bring traffic to product pages or the latest company blog. On the other hand, this way of treating social media has its disadvantages and could hurt marketing efforts in the long run.


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Monthly Link Roundup – 03-27-15

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Meerkat at SXSW shows the future of live conference video (

The wide success of Meerkat at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference may very well change how trade shows and conventions are broadcast to the world. By allowing events to be shared at real time, the app offers a way to let users join an event remotely or attend two talks at the same time.

LinkedIn Extends Self-Service Profile Widget To College And University Sites, No LinkedIn Visit Required (

LinkedIn is extending its service to colleges and universities through a self-service widget that allows students to add their qualifications to their LinkedIn profiles without going to the site itself. The widget can be added to the school website or email to let students update the education section of their LinkedIn profiles.

Getting started with YouTube’s interactive cards (

YouTube just recently introduced its interactive cards that will replace its interactive annotations which have the tendency to disrupt the viewing experience whenever they pop up. Accessible by tapping the small “i” icon at the top right corner of a video, the cards come in different types, including promoted merchandise and related videos, that help enhance engagement with viewers.

Twitter is testing big new app install advertisements in the timeline (

Twitter is currently testing a new type of ad unit that shows app advertisements in a carousel. The new look also takes up a much larger space compared with how the microblogging site’s suggested apps first came out, perhaps to be more effective at grabbing attention.

Facebook’s War Continues Against Fake Profiles and Bots (

Facebook has recently updated the way it measures the number of people who like a page in an effort to eliminate fake users on the social network. The most recent purge also came with a warning to page owners that the decrease in their likes was due to the removal of inactive accounts.

Instagram’s Carousel Ads: A New Way of Telling Your Brand’s Stories

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Image by troy david johnston


Instagram has recently introduced a new ad format called Carousel Ads, which lets brands upload multiple images to improve the storytelling element of their marketing campaigns. With this new ad unit, the visual social media platform broadened its options for advertisers by providing a better means for users to learn more about a company’s brand or product.


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Score a Win in the Latest Twitter and Google Firehose Deal

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Image by shawncampbell


The digital marketing world is abuzz following the announcement of the latest firehose deal between Google and Twitter. This partnership aims to take the impact of real-time social media marketing to a whole new level, as relevant tweets from users will now be displayed in Google search results mere seconds after they’ve been posted. The update is expected to be deployed soon, but the actual launch date has not been finalized yet. What we do know is how much this deal is going to affect many businesses’ marketing campaigns.


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Mobile’s Where It’s At With Facebook’s New Ads Manager App

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Image by melenita2012


To deliver better mobile support for small business owners and marketers, Facebook recently launched its new Ads Manager app, following its announcement of acquiring 2 million active advertisers on its platform last February 24.


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What Makes for a Successful List Post? Three Essentials to Consider

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Image by Sara Meier

If you’ve been to websites like BuzzFeed or ListVerse, then you’ve already seen the power of list posts. List content has long been the go-to format on the blogosphere due to its high appeal to readers, but building the perfect list isn’t just a numbers game. So what makes for the perfect list? Here are three essentials that should be kept in mind:


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