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Weekly Link Round Up – 02-08-13

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Measuring Social Media: How to Determine Your ROI (

ROI has always been a difficult thing for social media marketers to measure. This is simply because at the end of the day, ROI deals with the financial—not engagement. To find social ROI, there are several things to consider. The first of these, surprisingly, is to never use a social media metric.

Word-of-mouth: focus on the steak, not the sizzle (

Is social media, and the data it produces, overvalued? While companies continue to struggle the ROI from their social media marketing initiatives, word-of-mouth conversations have become more measurable. The trick to it is to see it more as the dividend received from customer satisfaction.

Tellagence: Predicting the Future’s Social Interaction (

Social media’s dynamic nature sometimes makes it difficult for marketers to increase their chances of reaching out to their target market. Tellagence, a new product, seeks to predict how information moves across social networks, giving marketers insight on how to ultimately gain better interactions.

Show Me The Numbers! [Why I never trust a calculation] (

A marketer’s fascination with data borders on the obsessive. But while looking at a calculation may sway decisions, it’s a must to validate it. Making a decision on bad data, or a bad interpretation of good data, may very well harm your business.

Do These Social Media Statistics Affect Your Marketing Plan? [INFOGRAPHIC] (

Anyone can create an engaging campaign on any social platform. But to truly reap success from creative social marketing, it’s a must to know the right platform and be aware of the right time. A glance at last year’s social media statistics may sway your marketing decisions.

Patience Please…

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

photo by eyewrisz

So you launch your campaign, the excitement is high, everyone is on board…Then about two weeks later, the excitement fizzles and you are looking for results.


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