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Weekly Link Round Up – 10-07-11

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Seven Lessons We’ve Learned from Steve Jobs (

While most people chose to play it safe, one man had the courage to ignore the critics and follow his heart and intuition. Mark Ivey pays tribute to Steve Jobs and shares lessons he’s learned from the most innovative entrepreneur of this generation.

The End of Change. The End of Unusual (

All brands aspire to earn money, achieve greatness, and to be loved by its consumers. Digital marketing visionary Mitch Joel explains why it’s important for companies to adapt and evolve in this world’s constantly changing landscape.

The Time We’re Losing (

Chris Brogan writes from the heart and explains in this inspiring essay the importance of time. Like the visionary and creative genius Steve Jobs, he urges us to go after our dreams and to realize that our time is now.

Why Being Wrong is Right for Business (

Jeff Korhan explains the importance of asking the right questions, exposing your vulnerabilities to give yourself a new perspective on things, and not being right all the time and ultimately winning the trust of your customers.

A Lesson in Smelling Roses at the Speed of Social Media (

The goal of the social media experience is to build bridges and enhance intimacy between people. By stimulating our senses with the speed of social media, we end up destroying our ability to truly sit down and listen to one another.


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