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Monthly Link Roundup – 03-30-18

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Twitter CEO Wants to Open Up Verified Accounts to Everyone (

CEO Jack Dorsey discussed early this month of Twitter’s plan to make it possible for any user to get a verified account. “The intention is to open verification to everyone, and to do it in a way that is scalable where [Twitter is] not in the way,” Dorsey said. “And people can verify more facts about themselves, and we don’t have to be the judge or imply any bias on our part.”

The Biggest Engineering And Technology Trends At SXSW (

While conference attendees donned cowboy hats and sank Old-Fashioneds at a wooden bar, tech and engineering enthusiasts were propelled into the future through a series of fascinating talks and interviews with some of the biggest and brightest names in science and technology. Addressing the bandwidth problem, AI software, and safer and “more human” vehicles were just some of the biggest tech topics at SXSW this year.

Instagram Will Be Better About Showing You New Pictures First (

Instagram has announced that it’s updating its algorithm to make sure that newer posts will be more likely to appear first in your feed. Along with the updated algorithm, the app is also testing a “New Posts” button that will let users choose when they’d like to refresh the feed.

Mark Zuckerberg Thinks We’re Idiots. (

Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica revelations, we’re finding out that Facebook allowed a much broader and deeper prostitution of our private data than it had previously claimed. Facebook’s disingenuous explanations call for more questions and even less trust.

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media as the New E-Commerce Platform (

Marketers’ use of social media has evolved. When social media first joined the Internet, brands tried to figure out how to use the platform for customer acquisition, using brand pages, social-only promo codes, and social listening to help with this goal. The infographic explores the next phase in the social/e-commerce matchup: purchasing on social media.

Emerging Marketing Trends in SXSW Interactive 2016

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Image by Flipboard


This week, SXSW Interactive 2016 kicked off with hundreds of marketers flocking to Austin, Texas for food, music, and a glimpse at new technologies that are expected to connect with consumers. Even after over two decades, the influence and role of SXSW in marketing shows no signs of fading.


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Twitter Previews @Anywhere

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

As you may know, this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSWi) opens this week in Austin, Texas and along with it comes its usual torrent of conferences, countless booths showcasing the latest proofs of concept technologies and of course, the legendary SXSW parties. And while Internet company CEOs and Web celebrities, students and people from the press hobbled around from one hallway to another in what is considered as the annual hub of the next hottest Web app, Twitter CEO Evan Williams sat casually as he previewed in his keynote the microblogging giant’s latest brainchild, @anywhere.

@anywhere is a new platform that allows for a deeper integration with other Web sites. This would allow users quick access to their Twitter profiles without actually leaving the current site their browsers are on. Moreover, it will let Web publishers and developers of partner sites to funnel in relevant tweets to their Web sites by simply inserting a few lines of javascript into the page’s code instead of wrestling with the complexities of personalizing the Twitter API (application program interface) to their needs.


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Use Online Social Networking to Power Up Your Real-World Networking

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Guy Kawasaki at SXSW

Photo by Wendy Piersall

Social media can become even more powerful when you combine it with offline PR efforts and use it to supercharge your real-world business networking.

Probably the most important benefit for a lot of people getting on social media is the people you’ll meet, interact with, and start to build relationships with. I’ve met hundreds of interesting individuals since I started blogging in 2006—many of whom have become friends, mentors, clients, and business partners. But nothing beats meeting these people face-to-face.


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