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Weekly Link Round Up – 10-21-11

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Share the Space We Share Share Share (

While it is true that at times social media is but an “echo chamber” with all its retweets, reblogs and re-shared posts, no one can deny that the very act of sharing is essential to its success. In fact, repetition does a great deal of good, especially for anything looking to go viral.

Facebook Timeline reveals the future of sharing (

While the buzz surrounding Facebook Timeline has quieted down, there’s no doubt that it introduces a couple of new facets—as well as interesting insights—to the act of sharing. Charlene Li shares a couple of her insights that shed some light on to privacy, sharing and trust.

Why Facebook Won’t Lose Its Core Power Users (

Facebook has always been a medium for the everyday person. Despite catering to an audience that values simplicity, it continues to cater to its core power users both through Facebook Timeline and the fact that Facebook itself has grown into more than just a destination.

Anti-Social Media: “Take This Lollipop” Is Your Facebook Profile Through A Psychopath’s Eyes (

While some would consider “Take This Lollipop” as an eerie reminder of why users should be careful of what they share on social media, it also opens up the idea of moving and convincing entertainment powered by profile.

Please Don’t Retweet (

While sharing is all well and good in social media, asking for a retweet or a mention of something that isn’t cause related can be considered bad etiquette on the social web. At the end of the day, it’s best to let your work live or die on its own merits.

Weekly Link Round Up – 03-25-11

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Andy’s Answers: How Toyota used social to build brand advocacy during a crisis (

In an emergency such as a recall crisis, social media can figure greatly in repairing a brand’s image. In the case of Toyota, the company realized that it wasn’t very good at talking about itself but needed to reach out to their consumers. By employing a few social media strategies, Toyota was not only able to reach out, but also give their image an added boost.

Childrens Hospital of Boston: A Successful Hospital Social Media Example (

While businesses in the healthcare sector may be bound by the HIPPA and will need to monitor their social media platforms to adhere to this, some institutions such as the Childrens Hospital of Boston have done a great job leveraging social media. Through its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, the hospital connects with all its patients.

Is there profit in a kinder, gentler business? (

The answer? Yes. While efficiency is perceived to be at the heart of business, what it does in turn is take away the soul from the act. In an age where consumers have grown accustomed to soulless selling, it pays to actually show some heart. After all, this will be noticed regularly by customers and in time, you can create a better brand image that goes beyond “outstanding products”.

Search + Social = Authority x Influence (

Search & social do not exist independently, but co-exist in a dependent fashion. After all, when social influence goes around, it is bound to affect what shows up on the first page of search engine results. This is something important to consider when results are ranked according to authority and quality.

Facebook fine-tunes its Questions product (

While Facebook Questions was once suspected to be a rival to Quora, the new update gives the feature some distinction, fine-tuned to the needs of Facebook’s users. With short, poll-like answers in addition to long form responses, Facebook Questions becomes more relevant to everyday users seeking quick answers.

Weekly Link Roundup (05-01-10)

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

What Drives Participation in a Social Network? (Direct Marketing Observations)

Social media engagement is all about validating each other and our experiences and the content that we have created and…shared. Understand this and creating a successful social media-centric campaign may not require so many complexities.

Why It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button on Trust (AdAge)

Ostensibly, brands that engage in authentic conversations boost their trust factor. But if the end game of marketing is selling a product, doesn’t true authenticity have limits? Pete Blackshaw lists down a few ways to keep your brand in check as it engages through social media.

Language Translation and Social Media (

If you know how to harness the power of online marketing and social media, it is easy to promote your business worldwide, even with a tight budget. It is important, though, to make sure you’re targeting the right social media, especially when it comes to international campaigns.

85 Social Media Infographics for Ad Agency New Business (

Our generation is crazy over infographics! They make things easy to understand and make for good eye candy. For ad agencies and marketing companies, it is a great way to connect with prospective clients for new business.

Is Location Where It’s At in Social Networking (

Markerters can learn a lot from Foursquare. Such geo-targeting social networking applications teach us how knowing exactly where customers are and pitching offers or offering services based on the spots these customers frequent can reap a lot of rewards. And no, we don’t just mean badges.

Another Facebook Phishing Scam On The Rise, McAffee Says

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Image by Majiscup – Drink for Design

With the continuous popularity of social networking sites, the cycles of malicious activities are expected to remain persistent though evolving to keep up with the modifications the site’s layer of security go through. Another malware alert was recently raised by security firm McAffee through their Security Insights blog regarding malicious activities proliferating through Facebook via e-mails sent from what appears to be from the social network itself.

According to the blog post, the e-mail claims that Facebook has reset the user’s password and that they would have to click on an attachment to be able to retrieve their new password. The attachment in question is actually a password stealer which, upon launch, would install itself into the user’s computer. It targets Windows machines and can potentially access any login credentials utilized there, Facebook or otherwise.


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When to Hire A Professional Social Media Consultant

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Social media is more than just one more new method of marketing or advertising online. Social media is a living, breathing, growing organism, and it is based in communities. The fact is, if you’re not active in this growing industry, you will be left behind. People are talking about you, whether you’re present in those discussions or not.

You can’t keep sending out one-way communications in this new business environment. People no longer trust advertising; people trust people. Consumers trust their peers’ opinions. So you have to make personal connections.


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How to Not Let a Social Media Initiative Fall Flat

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Photo by . SantiMB .

Ever notice a business that makes a social media appearance…then disappears?

Many companies start off strong and are excited to create their social media accounts and execute their campaign. The excitement to launch is energizing and really fuels the success of the campaign, that is if it doesn’t disappear.

A social media campaign will only be as good as the execution and if the execution fizzles a few days or weeks into the campaign, the energy will fizzle and the campaign will flop.


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Social Media…Circle?

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Business people in bar.

I don’t like flowcharts. I don’t like organization charts and I surely don’t like thinking in lines with arrows at the end…but I just can’t get this social media circle of influence and integration out of my head. I am talking about a marketing circle of strategies with a social media integration! Let me explain…

I was at a meeting the other day and we discussed sampling. Sampling is the best way to market a product and get it into the hands of potential consumers with buying power. The idea for this campaign is that the user must complete 2-3 easy steps online and once complete, will receive a complimentary sample. The online portion will encourage online brand engagement and will be driven by social media (i.e. company Twitter account and Facebook fan page) and other media buys. The company is putting a lot of effort into driving site traffic and encouraging sign-ups. The focus is front-loaded and very concentrated on getting users to engage and receive the sample. Then, after the user receives the free sample…there is nothing planned, hence the broken circle.


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