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Monthly Link Round Up – 05-29-14

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Meet Swarm: Foursquare’s ambitious plan to split its app in two (

In its attempt to take on Yelp, as well as to offer its users are more refined social experience, Foursquare splits its check-in app into two. Swarm will take over the old one-package app’s social aspect, while Foursquare for business discovery.

What Foursquare’s Swarm App Means for Businesses (

Compared to Yelp, Foursquare wasn’t a strong app to rely on for better business. Now that it’s designed simply for local search discovery, things may change for brands wanting optimal social media exposure.

Foursquare’s Swarm And The Rise Of The Invisible App (

Swarm’s creation wasn’t done simply to make Foursquare more brand-savvy. It’s Foursquare’s move in anticipating the fundamental shift in the way that users use apps.

Why Foursquare should be on everyone’s phone (

Check-ins are dead, and Foursquare knows it. That’s why checking in is now handled by Swarm, while Foursquare simply lets people know what’s going on around them.

A New Yorker’s Take On Swarm (

TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook took Foursquare’s new Swarm app for a test drive. He found that the simple focus on checking in and socializing made the app more usable compared to when it was combined with Fourquare’s location discovery features.

Weekly Link Round Up – 09-09-11

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages: 2011 Winners! (

Social Media Examiner announcers the winners of its Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages for 2011, with Intrepid Travel, Easy Lunch Boxes, and Snap Retail nabbing the top three slots.

Blog Exposure: 10 Free Ways to Get More Exposure, Traffic and Subscribers to Your Blog (

Sadly, posting quality entries is not enough for a new blog to get noticed. Through pinging their blog posts, guest blogging, utilizing social media websites, and other free techniques, bloggers can easily get increased exposure and traffic to their blogs.

Introducing a New Tool: WhoReTweetedMe (

By simply entering the URL of a recent blog post on this nifty tool, bloggers can immediately view a timeline of Tweets to the entry’s URL, statistics about the post’s potential reach, its average follower count of retweeters and more.

Questions That Matter To Facebook Community Managers (

For increased brand awareness, it’s important to make the most out of social media networks by establishing a relevant number of followers. However, after garnering a huge fanbase of “likers” on Facebook, what would a community manager have to do with 10,000 fans to complement a business’s social media outreach?

Chatterfly: Online Rewards for Local Businesses (

Airlines, hotels, and car rental companies have all done it before—employing rewards programs for ensuring the loyalty of their best customers. Using this proven-successful strategy, Chatterfly enables businesses to motivate and keep their customers coming back through a unique social network mobile rewards platform.

Weekly Link Roundup (07-09-10)

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Gaming the System: How Marketers Rig the Social Media Machine (

Since usually, the more friends or views a business has, the more popular and thus trustworthy it seems, there becomes an incentive to artificially inflating these counts through tools and other automations. So much so that even a cottage industry has risen for this need.

Challenging Social Dogma (

To think creatively, one has to go beyond the doctrine of beliefs that are accepted as authoritative. To follow this dogma is to slowly drain the value of social media as an effective marketing tool. So, creative thought and challenging dogma is essential for keeping the value of social media up.

No, You Can’t Automate Social Media! (

Since social media’s value lies in its interactivity, it becomes ineffective when the medium is used only for broadcast and not for conversation. When this happens, the media stops being social. Because of this, although there are useful tools, one cannot fully automate social media.

Using Social Media Tools – The Right Way (

Not all social media tools are effective for different aspects in internet marketing. Although there are hundreds available online, but which ones efficiently meet certain goals for a campaign? Different sites and tools are made for different goals.

Twitter Tip For Networked Nonprofits: Follow The Few To Get To The Many (

It isn’t about following thousands and thousands of friends on Twitter. Sometimes, the best way to go about a campaign is to focus on connections that are genuinely relevant and interesting. This is how following few to get many is possible. Some twitter tools can make it easier to cultivate these connections.

Weekly Link Roundup (06-25-10)

Friday, June 25th, 2010

3 New Ways to Use Twitter at Live Events (

Although Twitter has been used often in the past for posting during live events, new Twitter tools have been made to give users a whole other level of live event benefits. With these, users can actually make digests of these events and follow other attendees they’ve met.

World Cup Instant Twitter Replay: How We Did It (

“Can we make a distinct and engaging representation of Twitter activity during the World Cup?” With a web application that samples the popularity of World Cup-related words over time and animates them, onlookers could actually watch the events unfold over on Twitter.

Football Is A Social Object (

Sports can serve as a social object. And in the case of football, it gives everyone an excuse to interact with each other. Whether one likes it or not, football, and probably other sports as well, give people something to talk about and share.

SEO Question: Soccer or Football (

For SEO experts and online marketers, during World Cup season, it’s just right to ask what word to optimize content for. Is it soccer or football? Google Trends display the volume of searches of each keyword and even groups them according to country.

7 Business Lessons From World Cup 2010 (

Although to those new to football, the sport may seem like just a bunch of people running around and kicking balls, there are mindsets and behaviors one can pick up while watching a game. Some might even find themselves learning a little more about marketing as well.

Expand Your Twitter Network with Google

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

After announcing a new “replay” feature earlier today, Google has let loose yet another Twitter-related update directly from the microblog’s Chirp Conference developer convention in San Francisco: Google Follow Finder.

Google Follow Finder is an experimental new service, the freshest off the feature and app idea incubation hub Google Labs which aims to help Twitter users discover more people to expand their network. It is also the latest in a line of Google-Twitter integration features buoyed by Google’s real-time search technology and one of the first implementations of Twitter’s recently rolled out @anywhere platform of developer tools.


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Twitter Unveils Anti-Phishing URL Shortener

Friday, March 19th, 2010


Popular microblogging site Twitter has launched a new link screening service geared to combat phishing and other malicious activities against its users within its own social stream. The announcement, made by the director of Twitter’s Trust and Safety team Del Harvey on the official Twitter blog, stated that the new security feature will screen all links submitted to them.

“By routing all links submitted to Twitter through this new service, we can detect, intercept, and prevent the spread of bad links across all of Twitter.” Harvey said, adding that even if the malicious link is shared through other methods such as e-mail notifications, they would still be able to intercept it and keep the intended recipient safe.


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Yahoo Jumps into Twitter Integration

Monday, March 15th, 2010

With the continuously skyrocketing popularity of Twitter from the household consumer to the financially-driven marketing strategist, it’s really no surprise that even established Web entities have adapted to the Web culture that followed it. After all, millions of eyeballs are drawn to the 140-character-based service on a daily basis, relying on it for news, updates and even the daily funnies.

This week, Yahoo joins the plethora of easily recognizable Web entities to strike a partnership with Twitter, citing the collaboration as a part of its ongoing commitment to provide its users relevant information from a multitude of sources online. This collaboration will integrate Twitter results into its search engine and will be rolled out to its more than 600 million users worldwide.


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