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Weekly Link Round Up – 10-24-13

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Twitter Files for IPO – What it means for users, investors, and social media (

Last month, it was made official that Twitter IPO was to fly soon. Among the big four social media networks today, Twitter is the last to go public, which spells a lot of interesting things for the social media world as a whole.

Twitter Changes Direct Message Rules: This Week in Social Media (

All throughout this week, Twitter (as well as other social media networks) has been on a roll with a variety of changes, including scheduled tweets native to the website, a newly designed app for the Android tablet, and on top of all that, a change to direct message rules that opens up Twitter communication further.

Twitter Experiments With a Private Feed (

Aside from all the rolled out updates, Twitter has also been exploring other new possibilities. One of these is revealed by this experimental account that works like an “app” to provide followers with instant, personalized recommendations on who to follow or what tweets to see.

Brands can now schedule Tweets through Twitter Ads (

As said earlier, Twitter’s recent changes include the roll out of scheduled tweets. This, however, only applies to marketers using the Twitter Ads Dashboard. Something of interest to take note of is that this feature isn’t there to compete with what Hootsuite and Tweetdeck do. Instead, it’s specifically designed to with Twitter’s paid campaigns.

Twitter’s Top 5 Accounts Are All in Japan — Here’s Why (

Twitter is big in Japan, and is only expected to get even bigger. But why so? The cause for that may go far deeper than just numbers. The way Twitter works clicks more with Japan’s culture more than other Western social media services do.

Key Considerations when Cross-Posting to Your Social Media Accounts

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Image by Gene Han

If your brand makes use of multiple social media accounts, then you know how much help social media management apps like HootSuite, Buffer, and TweetDeck can be. However, it’s important to know that while it might be tempting to craft one post and schedule it for publishing across all your accounts, it’s not the most effective way of marketing your brand, product, or service.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 08-30-13

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Keep up with conversations on Twitter (

Twitter recently launched its Conversations view, making it easier to discover and follow conversations in their home timeline. This should be beneficial for both new and old users looking for specific conversations to join in the social network.

Twitter Conversations New Blue Line Causing Many Twitter Users to Feel Blue (

Joanna Stern of ABC news reports that although the new Conversations view is made to make the network easier to use, it’s instead causing some problems in the Twittersphere.

Why Twitter’s Confusing New “Conversations” Actually Make Sense (

Although the negative backlash can be blinding, Twitter’s new Conversations feature has a number of benefits that may make sense if you look past all the hate. Besides, the hate could simply be the usual reaction to every change to any website.

Twitter releases ‘report abuse’ button for tweets on Android & web (

Originally an iOS-exclusive feature, Twitter’s “report abuse” button is now also available for both Android users and desktop tweeters. The new button was released simultaneously with Twitter Conversations.

Twitter targets trolls with button to report abuse after campaign (

Tariq Tahir of Metro UK explains how the newly launched “report abuse” button across all platforms is their solution to the severe trolling, cruelty, and harassment plaguing the social network.

Tool Time: Improving Your Twitter Marketing Campaign with WeFollow or Twellow

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Image by jairoagua

One of the most popular Twitter marketing tips out there is to follow the many movers, shakers, and key players in your industry. Following these “Very Important Tweeters” will give you access to important discussion, great material for content creation, and – if you’re lucky – a follow-back that lets people know that someone important recognizes your brand.


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Social Media Ads: How to Make the Most of Them

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Image by Wrote

As Twitter had recently adopted ads and other social networks as well have created plans to incorporate such services into their site, marketers now have more tools at their disposal to help their brand get seen by their target audience. Interestingly, though, these advertisements on social media sites work differently from others across the internet.

Thus, to make the most out of their investment in these new forms of advertising, marketers should become aware of the way each social network handles paid ads. Here are a few examples to get you started


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Weekly Link Round Up – 06-21-13

Friday, June 21st, 2013

The Rise Of Social Video: How Social Media Is Creating New Winners In Online Video (

Television isn’t the only medium used by people to distribute and watch videos these days. The Internet and social media platforms have provided content creators and marketers an economical and cost-efficient way to send their message across.

3 Ways to Prepare for Video on Instagram (

News leaked early this week about Facebook soon unveiling the addition of video to their very popular recently-acquired product, Instagram. Steven Shattuck shares his input on how social media marketers can prepare their strategy should video be added to Instagram.

Marketers Have Found a Way to Use Vine (

Marketers pushing summer blockbusters have started to aggressively use Vine, Twitter’s nascent mobile app for six-second videos, to increase customer engagement and communication in their social networks.

Short-Form Social Video Posting: Vine Vs. Tout (

Perhaps the biggest reason why companies like Vine and Tout are working to popularize short video posting is so they can push the success of short social interactions. Online video has been growing in popularity year after year, and they see this as an opportunity to bypass YouTube and offer a specific short and sociable video platform.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Advertisers, You Need YouTube (

Video content and distribution has experienced enormous success in recent years, with YouTube emerging as the favorite medium of video seekers and sharers worldwide. This vibrant infographic is a valuable resource for marketers who wish to understand how YouTube and social video platforms will revolutionize their marketing efforts.

Weekly Link Round Up – 06-14-13

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Facebook Debuts Hashtags, Urges Advertisers to Use Them (

After three months of industry speculation that they would be doing so, Facebook finally rolls out hashtags for its platform. The social media giant had also urged advertisers to use them, saying that it would help to amplify their campaigns.

What Brands Need to Know About Facebook Hashtags (

The addition of hashtags offers more than just amplifying a campaign that might have already been ongoing on other social networks. Hashtags also provide brands with a variety of opportunities such as better conversation tracking and gathering user-generated content.

What Do Facebook #Hashtags Mean for Social Marketers? (

For social marketers, the introduction of hashtags on Facebook opens up the possibility of reaching deeper into a possible audience and extending beyond your existing followers. In a sense, it helps users feel better about being marketed to and gives advertisers more ways to drive business.

Will Facebook Hashtags Affect Your Privacy? (

As with any other social media platform update, the question of privacy is always a hot topic. This is especially important for a platform such as Facebook as most people use it to mainly connect with just their friends and family.

The Fight for #Conversation – Will There be a Migration From Twitter? (

Prior to the Facebook update which activated hashtags, Twitter was the place to go to find conversations centered on particular topics. Now that Facebook as well has that feature, will the conversation shift? It may be likely, given how many features the social media giant has over Twitter.


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