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Five Fresh Ways to Use Live Content in Your Social Strategy

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

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With live content, audiences experience a much more authentic connection to your brand rather than with a scheduled, pre-produced video. Moreover, viewers get to interact with you in real-time.


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Smart Ways Your Brand Can Use the New Facebook Cover Video Feature

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Image by Facebook Business


Brands can now upload a video that’s between 20 to 90 seconds long to the cover image area of their Facebook business pages. This new feature gives brands the opportunity to pack even more interest and information on their pages.


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Video Strategies for Achieving Brand Awareness and Sales Goals

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

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Whether you’re managing a small or large business, it’s likely that your marketing goals involve explaining your product or service, building brand awareness and trust, and increasing revenue. And among all the types of marketing content available online, video is probably the most effective way to achieve these goals. They have great potential for increased ROI, audience engagement, and shareability. In fact, nearly 52 percent of marketers worldwide say that video content offers the best ROI, and on social media, video is shared 12 times more than other types of visual content.


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Weekly Link Round Up – 06-15-12

Friday, June 15th, 2012

See, Like, Buy: How Video Fuels S-Commerce? (

Using video content can have a huge impact on a social media campaign targeting a Gen Y audience, particularly when the video is done completely out-of-the-box. The author shares clothing retail brand Only’s groundbreaking campaign, The Liberation, which creates a unique and memorable brand experience using video.

Social Video Advertising – Why You Should Care (

Online video is a great way to personalize the online shopping experience. With the increasing number of video platforms and more consumers watching and sharing ad videos online, marketers will find that incorporating video into their campaigns may be very helpful.

10 ‘New Breed’ Mobile Video Sharing Apps to Watch (

Image sharing is all the rage this 2012, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. But a new trend is emerging – video sharing. No longer just limited to YouTube, users can now share videos via several mobile sharing apps, 10 of which are featured here.

Best Time to Publish New Video Content May Depend on What Devices are Viewing It (

While sticking to a schedule when posting videos can help to build your audience, new findings from Ooyala’s Global Video Index for Q1 2012 offer new insight into the best times for publishing video content online. The best time may depend on the type of device it’s viewed on, whether desktop/laptop, tablet, mobile, or connected TV.

Video is Killing the SEO star! (

Small businesses looking to land on the first page of Google’s search results for their chosen keywords may want to look into incorporating video into their strategy. The writer shares findings on an experiment he conducted on using video for social media marketing that show just how effective this can be.

The Social Codes of Social Media Platforms, Part 2

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Photo by Sergio Kanazawa

Last week, we discussed the mores and codes of Twitter and Facebook. This installment will cover another kind of social media platform: social video hosting.



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Creating Your Online Videos

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

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You know video is huge for 2010 and you want to execute a video strategy for your business. Where do you start?

To begin, determine your video campaign goals. Will you create videos tagged with a call to action asking your audience to go to a landing page or social network? Are you putting products or services in motion to dispel inaccuracies or to comfort your audience?


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SEO for Video Content

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Since the popularity of the Flip Camera and other digital devices have made it easier to create digital media, the popular video trend is becoming more of a social media campaign focus than it was before. In addition to the actual content produced, it is a good idea to also consider search engine optimization (SEO) and improve searchability for the videos.
Here are five considerations.

1. Optimize the video with keywords. Similar to text content, video SEO involves optimizing with relevant keywords for search engines and user experience. Use targeted keywords in the file name, title, tags, URL and linking text. Also be sure to add a paragraph of keyword optimized text with a relevant description of the video content.


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