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Social Media Marketing in 2015—What Does the Future Hold?

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

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With the year coming to a close, social media marketers everywhere are all trying to get a glimpse of what 2015 has in store for us all. While many experts have already given their piece about what to expect next year, from emerging trends that shouldn’t be ignored, to platforms that might just come to an end, there are a few notable predictions, as well as recommendations, that are worth mentioning.


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A look at why Old Spice’s new interactive viral video is social media gold

Friday, August 31st, 2012

A look at why Old Spice and its interactive Muscle Music video is viral marketing gold.

Thanks to their viral marketing campaign unleashed two years ago, Old Spice has become the poster child of successful social media brands. Developed in partnership with ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, the campaign’s strategy involved refocusing the brand’s advertising focus and capitalizing on random humor and real-time engagements. This became the winning formula that elevated them to social media rockstardom—a feat that was frankly unexpected from a 74-year old brand that sold men’s hygiene products.


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