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Vlogging Quick-start Guide: Exuding Confidence on Camera

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Image by Jim Makos


Videos are everywhere—they’re in websites, your social media feeds, and they even show up in search engine results. Starting a video blog or vlog is a powerful way to spread your message and reach potential customers, and regular video posts can solidify your connection with your audience.


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Add Videos for an Engaging, Successful Social Media Presence

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Photo by laverrue

Video blogging is a growing trend and close cousin to traditional blogging, which incorporates engaging video communication instead of static text content. These “vlogs” let visitors see and experience their favorite bloggers through multimedia—they come across more personal and build added trust, and often allow users to interact by leaving video ratings, comments, or even video replies.

Who’s Using Video?

More and more successful websites are quickly incorporating video. You’ll notice the prominence of video content on the big news websites that used to have all static content—sites like CNN, Fox, and Huffington Post, for example—now video media makes up a huge percentage of their content. And the use of video is growing. Since it’s creation in 2005, video-sharing site YouTube has become the fourth-most-visited website globally. The network has over 70,000 uploads each day, which include news clips, comedy sketches, animations from talented artists, silly amateur humor, useful coaching videos, documentaries, clips from popular primetime TV shows and much, much more. There is no doubt about it, video is hot.


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