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No time, there’s never any time! I’ll never get into Stanford…

OK, pardon the Saved By the Bell reference (Jessie really should have laid off the caffeine pills). In short, time is a precious commodity, and I hate to break it to you, but there are only so many hours in the day.  This means that it’s going to take time to make time for Social Media.  The end goal should be for you to have someone or several someone(s) who are responsible for managing your own Social Media presence (in house is the way to go as a long term solution – YOU know your brand better than any outside consultant ever will)

Make it a part of the workday – dedicate “X” number of hours of the day to managing your online presence, engaging with people on Twitter, reading and commenting on blog posts, etc. It doesn’t have to be structured and regimented, but it can be, and it may help to get you started by planning exactly what you’re going to do each day.

40 hours may be out of the question, bringing on a full-time Community Manager (something that is becoming more and more popular amongst businesses everywhere) may not be in the cards right now – so maybe it looks like an hour a day – 10 hours a week – whatever it is – set aside time to focus on developing the strategy you have in place. Figure out what it’s going to take to achieve the goals you’ve already set up – setting goals is IMPERATIVE to developing a successful Social Media strategy.

When will I start seeing results?!

This will be different for everyone.  Unfortunately, there is no clear formula that answers this question.  Why?  Because it really depends HOW you are using it, when you are using it, your strategy and your type of business.

In terms of time, there is one VERY important thing to keep in mind.  Although social media marketing is free and reaches a much bigger and targeted audience, it still takes time to start seeing results!

Even a fantastic blog with a very focused topic may take 4-6 months to start receiving notable traffic!  It will take time to build your following and to create enough online content to start getting noticed.

But I promise you this: good things come to those who wait.  Plant little seeds every day to grow your relationships.  At some point you will see a spike in activity, whether it is in the form of increased online or brick and mortar traffic, media attention, or, ideally, increased sales.

Take a deep breath and accept that while it may not have immediate ROI, building this relationships via the web will be INVALUABLE to your brand and business.

And, of course, lay off the caffeine pills Ms. Spano…

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