The Anti-Social Media Douche List #1: Spamming

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From helping that nice lady next door bring in the groceries to having to deal with that homeless person hanging around the curb outside your building and spewing obscenities at you, we all have social etiquette in the background prompting our every reaction. These are mostly ruled by both our social skills and good ole basic morality.

We follow social etiquette in our daily lives with regards to relating and communicating with people. Interacting with people on the online realm shouldn’t be any different. Today, we look at a rather infuriating practice some online marketers have gotten comfortable doing: spamming.

Spam, by definition, is unsolicited messages sent out in bulk to random or targeted recipients. And whether they’re occupying your e-mail inbox, piling in as instant messages or flooding your social networks’ feed, nothing’s as pissy annoying as having to go through them.

Spamming is frowned upon. While some merely raise the ire of every recipient with their incessant arrival, some are even harmful, with malicious activities brewing in the background.

Having said that, there is absolutely no reason for you to join the ranks of spammers; it’s usually a one-way expressway ticket to the trash bin for you and your brand. Totally devoid of valuable information your followers can benefit from, it defeats the purpose of developing your online presence. Sure the brand awareness is there, but it’s swarmed with infamy that can repel potential clients.

Even if we only have a few people we follow on Twitter, we still tend to overlook or miss some tweets. And if a specific account continuously pumps you with tweets that are repetitive and excessively flood your Twitterstream with contexts that are purely link-happy promotional blah, we ignore them completely. Even more so if you have a hefty follow list or it’s done on Facebook where there’s an option to hide users’ status updates.

Because their posts merely occupy space and do nothing to help or solve anything online, these people are, more often than not, dropped off our follow list. Unfriend. Now say hello to potential obscurity and additional unnecessary reputation management work.

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