The Casting Couch: Where to find guest bloggers

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Having guest bloggers write content for your site is great for your social media marketing campaigns

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Two of the most important things to remember when blogging for a brand to keep social engagements aflame: be consistent with both the value of the content (the informative and engaging aspects) and diligently follow your set blogging schedule.

Unfortunately, there are unforeseeable circumstances that’ll keep you away from blogging. Extensive failure to follow on a schedule has the potential to start a chain of unwelcomed consequences. These may or may not affect your site stats, relationship with your readers and even your brand’s reputation. One of the most effective ways to prevent these from happening is by having guest bloggers aboard.

Greg Rollett wrote a terrific article a few months back about the benefits of guest blogging. He listed several great factors on what it can do for your brand to jumpstart conversations on the social platform and drive readers into your blog.

With his compelling piece, all you need now is to find the right bloggers to craft a post or two for your blog.

In a manner of speaking, finding the apt guest bloggers for your blog can be likened to having a reality show including the tasks and the elimination process but minus thankfully the hair-pulling, the frail attempts at a storyline and the personality disorders. So make like a casting director and welcome potential candidates into the casting couch.

Your comments section

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The easiest place to look for people to write for you is by sifting through your contacts. If you’ve been blogging for a while now, surely you’ve got a few comments on your posts.

Take some time to go through your comments sections and prepare a list of possible candidates by keeping tabs of who among your commenters are actually actively participating in most discussion. Take note of how they relate to other commenters and how they react to opinions that rival theirs.

Blog networks

If you’re in the blogging space, one of the best things in the scene is that there really are no actual rivalries. Sure, there are a multitude of competing blogs in any given niche, but each one has a different voice, represent different standpoints and carry different personalities.

Find good blogs that offer something unique to the table and initiate contact by first engaging in conversations to gain some familiarity within their blogging space. This also gives you an understanding of how they run their blog and if it can be apt should any of them write guest blog posts for you.

Online resources

With the publishing scene (unfortunately) heading south, more and more writers are finding themselves without writing gigs; and then there are people like you who are actually looking for competent wordsmiths to warm your blogging saddle.

Online resources like My Blog Guest and Blogger LinkUp aim to satisfy both needs and all you need to do is sign up for accounts.

Both sites will send you e-mails with potential takers and you simply have to respond to the ones you find appealing and would match your requirements for your blog.

Social networks

You can also use your social network accounts to find bloggers who are more than willing to offer their writing skills. Sometimes those bloggers and freelance writers are themselves, looking for guest blogging gigs so it’s also best if you scan the status messages and tweets as well. This, of course, works if you have a wealth of contacts on either Facebook or Twitter who can actually churn out nicely written posts but given that you are already treading the social media marketing trails, this shouldn’t be much of a problem for you especially if you are representing a well known brand. To make things easy for you, you can organize them into groups on these sites.

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