The Effect of Google Reader’s Shutdown on Blogs

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Blogs are known as one of the earliest forms of social media. Since 1994, people were writing and following these online weblogs that often chronicled people’s lives. Over time, many companies followed suit. Through their own blogs, they got to communicate with customers about their own products and services.

Partly because of blog proliferation, RSS was invented around the late 90s to help readers quickly learn when their favorite blog or website updated without having to visit the site itself. Of all the RSS feed readers or aggregators, Google Reader soon dominated the competition after it was launched in 2005. Other RSS applications also used Reader as a backend, enabling them to sync feeds on different computers and devices.

News of Google Reader’s impending shutdown on July 1 has been met with widespread uproar. Many users have loved the service and are petitioning that it be saved. Currently, Google still stands by its decision to close Reader.

While users are disappointed, many blogs and websites may need to find ways to cope. Many still see considerable traffic from Google Reader, far larger than Google+ and other social networks. The loss of the biggest feed aggregator could push a significant number of people to stop using RSS altogether.

Though social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, drive considerable traffic, they won’t compare to the same service Reader offered. The way it sorts updates is problematic for bloggers and RSS users. Blogs and websites that don’t update regularly enough or aren’t read by other friends will be easily ignored.

To retain readership, bloggers must expend more effort into social media marketing. This has become an age when social media must be employed to drive traffic to other social media. Website authors and corporate blogs have to actively participate in social networks and be savvy of its intricacies, not just for bite-sized communication, but to lead readers to their blogs where they can still share long-form content.


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