The Retro Revolution: Nostalgia Marketing And What It Can Do For Your Brand

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In an ever-changing world that seems to be evolving at break-neck speed, immersing in nostalgia is like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket of “the good ol’ days”, when things were much simpler, and you didn’t have embarrassing throwback photos on social media to worry about.

Studies show that nostalgia gives people’s lives a sense of continuity and meaning as they get older. Watching reruns of old TV shows or listening to music from your growing collection of old cassettes and vinyl records can remind you of your younger, more playful years. With the popularity of #ThrowbackThursday, Timehop, and Facebook’s “On This Day”, more and more brands are beginning to recognize the value of nostalgia in marketing and advertising as a way of convincing consumers to pay for their products and services.

Nostalgia marketing campaigns have grown increasingly popular recently—it has inspired consumers to spend cash on things that promise an immediate return in the form of happy memories and comfort. The good news is that you don’t need to have a decades-old business to enjoy the power of nostalgia marketing strategy; all you need is to connect with sentimental ideas and beloved concepts.

The best application of nostalgia in marketing is not forced, but organic. Keep track of cultural trends and tap into these. 90’s and 80’s nostalgia has been particularly popular for the past couple of years, and it’s not just fashion brands or Hollywood that can capitalize on that. Likewise, national holidays are a great opportunity for inciting communal yet personal nostalgia.

Considering that personal value is such an effective sales tool—with 68% of consumers willing to pay more for a product if it appeals to them on a personal or emotional level—it’s unsurprising that nostalgia marketing has become so popular. As long as your campaigns are giving substantial back to your customers—whether it’s the chance to fondly remember something in a different light, or the chance to make new memories entirely—looking back to the past is something that can produce significant returns for your brand in the future.
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