The Rise of the Buy Button: How to Win Sales on Social Media

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Social media has come a long way from purely being about conversations and engagement. Now that “buy buttons” are appearing on major networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s fast becoming a venue for shopping.

For a long time, businesses mainly used social media for product discovery and other top-of-the-funnel activities. With the advent of buy buttons, they can now directly invite followers to make a purchase without having them leave the network they are currently on. This helps eliminate several steps between seeing a product and buying it, so there’s less room for customers to change their minds. Additionally, businesses won’t have to worry about broken links or slow loading pages that could dissuade potential customers.

Engage Followers to Win Sales

Despite facilitating sales, the buy buttons may lead to a few undesirable consequences—if the business isn’t careful. Because the new functionality enables sales right on a social network, it can make it tempting to focus on sales talk when posting content. Building a strong relationship with followers is still critical to earning trust and interest. Even when presented with a product they like, they might only get annoyed if it’s pushed to their faces.

Targeting Is Still Important

Furthermore, businesses might feel that it’s okay to promote any of their products expecting someone might be interested. Targeting will remain critical to the success of a business. To win sales, they must ensure that they are promoting products that are aligned with their followers’ interests. Their audience may vary in every social platform they use, so it’s important to research the demographics of each before running promos.

Businesses must never forget that commerce is still social. Depending on how they engage their audience, they can either make a profit on social media, or lose sales and their followers entirely.



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