The Role of AI in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has greatly affected the way business plan and execute their digital marketing campaigns. Business no longer have to rely on estimates; they can now gain better access to accurate data than ever before. These days, businesses are using AI in every aspect of the digital marketing process, from planning to production and even after in post-campaign analysis.

To understand how much of an impact AI can have on your business’s digital marketing strategy, here are some ways you can use the technology to develop more successful marketing campaigns:

SEO tools that analyze a website’s structure and content, and then provide the marketer with personalized solutions to help them rank better in search engines are among those that can benefit from AI. Such tools can create personalized website change and keyword targeting recommendations so that the marketer can apply these elements in existing content for better performance in Google and other major search engines.

Ad delivery
The AI technology behind the advertising networks Google AdWords and Facebook Ads can automatically recommend the best keywords to target based on the ones specified by the marketer. In some case, a simple URL allows for the generation of hundreds to thousands of potential keywords that the marketer can target. As soon as the keywords have been decided on, AI can automatically determine how much one should pay for every click sent to the website. This cost can be configured to fluctuate during the day or season, depending on several factors to ensure that the ads are more visible.

A/B testing
AI can also be used for split testing different types of marketing campaigns to determine which strategies work and which ones don’t. Many ad networks have already implemented A/B testing abilities into their artificial technology to help business owners to reach more customers. With this capability, marketers can test out different types of ad sets to see which attract the most visitors, as well as different visuals, headlines, and or call-to-actions to identify ideal typefaces and designs to be used in ads.

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