This Year, Be Smarter About Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

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Although the holiday season has always been a cash cow for online retailers, recent data shows that consumers are no longer limiting their holiday shopping to the period from Black Friday to Christmas Eve. With online stores improving accessibility and lowering their shipping barriers and costs, consumers are evolving their spending habits to buy early. This presents several challenges and opportunities for retailers this year.

Do changing consumer behaviors mean that brands need to reduce their investment in their usual holiday marketing initiatives? Or in this new holiday environment, should they position their retail brand to benefit from the evolving behaviors of today’s online shoppers?

Here are some strategies that brands can use to smarten up their holiday retail marketing:

Plan beyond the big dates.
Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will always be big shopping days. But online retailers that can market beyond the noise of other traditional campaigns and create unique and relevant promotions during events such as company anniversaries, fake holidays, and other seasonal brand-appropriate events can expect big gains and increase their share of profits this year.

Target specific generations of consumers.
In the current retail landscape, brands can no longer afford to view their consumer base as a monolithic entity. Data demonstrates that consumer preferences and behaviors are divided along generational lines. With this in mind, it’s important to implement marketing strategies that recognize these generational differences and insights.

Embrace the #TreatYoSelf attitude
During the holidays, it’s important to remember that consumers don’t only shop for others, but themselves too. In fact, many of the purchases that online shoppers make on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are for personal consumption. Retailers that can play up the #TreatYoSelf attitude can help these buyers make themselves a bit happier this holiday season and increase their profits at the same time.

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