Three qualities of content massively shared on the social Web

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Everyday, massive amounts of content come out of the woodwork that is the Internet—all carrying different types of information for varying needs, crafted to cater to specific kinds of audiences. The various content marketing strategies that prompt this is driven by SEO, and social media marketing goals, as well as the multitude of opportunities these two can offer brands who have chosen to invest their resources on establishing and developing their presence online.

Because of this, brand managers and content producers have become much more proactive in their craft, knowing that content should not only be well written, but will also prompt the targeted readers to share it with other people. Here are three kinds of content people online love to share.


They’re Emotionally Driven

As you may have noticed from successful viral marketing campaigns and memes, content that can touch emotions have a good chance of being widely shared online.

This can range from written exposés that anger readers, and touching photos of reuniting families after some devastating event, down to hilarious Web videos of some videogame spoof, or even some shocking quote.

These kinds of content can both deliver value to the audience, carry important news and branding efforts, and even urge people to share them with friends, and just about anyone who they think would also enjoy them.


They’re Exclusive

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The very fact that the content is not readily available to readers motivates and challenges people to view it or get a copy.

Make the content valuable with really useful information like sneak previews, tips, tricks and how-tos or even include never-before seen images and videos, and you make the content a commodity.

Here, being the first one to have seen the content makes for an appealing initial step, motivating people to share it before anyone else online.  You can even make use of call-to-action prompts to drive the interaction further.


They’re Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

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Hearing news from a good source, as reputable as they may be, is good. But hearing it straight from the people involved is even better.

Interviews with industry leaders, celebrities, and other important personalities can generate good site traffic and get shared a lot online, provided that the content writer knows the right questions to ask. Along with this, content developers can also write articles to feature these personalities, or even directly have them pen guest blog posts for the sites.

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