Three Reasons Why You Should Start Recording Instagram Videos for Your Brand

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Five months after Twitter launched Vine, Facebook takes a swing at the little bluebird’s move by launching its own video sharing service: Video on Instagram. Marketed as a new way for users to share their stories, the new service also allows brands to enhance their social media campaigns by engaging customers with compelling video content.

But why would you need this if you already have a Vine account? Can’t you just stick to Vine and eliminate the hassle of having to manage two video sharing services?

Well, sure, you could do that; but you could be missing out on a lot of social media marketing opportunities. Here’s why:


On Instagram, You Already Have a Captured Audience

When Vine launched, it came out with a standalone app where users had to start from scratch with regard to establishing their brand identity and gaining followers. Video on Instagram, on the other hand, simply added the feature into an already functioning app. This means that you will already have content that shows your identity as well as followers – current ones, and the rest of the 130 million untapped users of Instagram as well as the more than one billion from Facebook – to reach out to.


It’s Owned by Facebook, Shouldn’t that be Enough?

Considering that Instagram is owned by the largest and most used social networking site in the world, it isn’t a surprise that this new feature is already optimized to work well with the site. In fact, some companies have already started their Instagram video campaigns as early as the first week of the launch, and are already enjoying the increased Likes and followers.


The Service Provides More Room for Creativity

Nine seconds more, to be exact. Unlike Vine’s six-second video lengths, Instagram allows for up to 15 seconds worth of footage. This means that you can be more creative with different ways to entertain users, encourage engagement, and drive brand awareness. And the more creative your videos, the more likely you will get Likes and have the content shared.


So, get recording and allow your brand to enjoy the benefits of Instagram’s newest feature to date.

Have you started using Video on Instagram already? How is it working for you? Feel free to comment below – we’d love to hear from you.



Edsel Mendoza is a writer, editor, and all-around nerd who enjoys video games and comic books. He is also a dedicated Planeteer who never travels without his stuffed monkey, Charlie, which he takes photos of everywhere he goes.

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