Three ways to customize YouTube for better branding

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Consistency is one of the factors that help develop and cultivate a brand and its community. From the branding elements in the company Web site and its social profiles, down to the content, social media marketers need to keep the look, context and amount of engagements consistent. This creates a solid ecosystem where your followers can experience your brand online.

To create a truly engaging experience (or enrich an existing brand marketing dynamic) it’s recommended for brands to get into video creation via the Web’s leading social video site, YouTube. Again, consistency plays a huge role here where brands will need to optimize their videos, and their YouTube pages in order to further branding efforts, and to state their profile page as an organic part of their marketing platform.

In years past, nearly all YouTube page layouts basically had a similar structure, which meant that while the videos may be getting some significant attention on- and off-site, it was hard for the profile page itself to stand out and get noticed by users. Years later, and the video sharing site has gone through many changes with regard to privacy and copyright policies, and now, it even lets the technically-inclined tweak the pages to suit the branding needs of its owners. There are three specific areas that you should be customizing in this regard:


Banner Space

Just like any Web site, blog, or social media profile, YouTube features a banner space right on top of the page. Obviously, this is a space brands should take advantage of to inject some branding onto the page. General users get a rather small-ish space, perhaps enough to squeeze in a title or a company name. However, if your brand happens to be a YouTube Partner as part of your video marketing campaign, YouTube increases that banner space up to 150 pixels high.

This obviously gives you the opportunity to design graphics to fill that space for various branding strategies. A lot of brands on YouTube simply lay out their names or their logos on the space, others change the banner to promote new products. The Nerdist and the BBC America YouTube channels prominently display a line-up of their latest programs, links to their respective Web sites, and their Facebook and Twitter pages to expand their brand engagements even further.



YouTube delegated the space on the right side of the current or featured video for the brand or user’s bio so be sure to personalize this space as you see fit. Here are a few pointers—

  • Don’t waste the space by writing irrelevant things. People want to know about you, not what your favorite Fletch quote is, or your reaction to the latest tearjerky episode of Touch.
  • Be original, and tell visitors who you are and what you do. This serves as a promise that tells your visitors what they can expect from you.
  • Be creative and let you or your brand’s identity show. This can create interest around your page, and attract attention among your potential follower.
  • Direct people to your Web site, and other social media sites where they can interact with your brand. For instance, CollegeHumor‘s bio is pretty straightforward, stating what they do, where they’re based, and links to Twitter, Facebook, iOS apps and their Web site where all their videos premiere before they hit YouTube. This drive traffic back to their home page of people eager to find more videos.



Perhaps the largest screen real estate YouTube will allow you to customize is your channel’s background. This includes the space on the sides of the video, and the space at the bottom of the video selections. These spaces can be used in many different ways so you can put into motion any branding strategies you may have.

Drifting around the social video sharing site, the most common personalization done to the background is making it look like the brand’s own Web site—including the color schemes and the images. This is exactly what KFC has done, with their own YouTube page looking like an extension of their Web site. This is, again, consistency at work, helping mold together your online properties into a social media experience for your followers.


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