Timing is crucial in social media marketing

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Timing is crucial in social media

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The nature of the social Web has always put into the forefront the utter importance of engagements with the people that matter to you. And in the case of brands sailing on the social media marketing waters, striking through the constant noise online to get to your targeted demographic definitely becomes one of the imminent challenges.

One of the crucial factors when it comes to content distribution and follower engagements is timing. Yes, timing could mean almost everything for a campaign.


The Big Prob?

Properly timing every step of your online marketing campaign can have a big effect on both your brand’s online marketing’s success and its reputation. This is an integral part of the planning process that may involve many factors in your campaign’s trajectory online—from the conceptualization, down to implementation, and even through last-minute “encores.”

Obviously, with the rise of the social Web into mass consciousness, more and more people are jumping onboard, creating their own mark and sharing their social contacts’ contents across their networks. This makes it even more challenging to ply your brand’s craft online, much more grab your demographic’s attention.

And there are two essential parts of your campaign that you need to time properly: Content publishing and distribution, and the actual campaign roll-out.


Content publishing and distribution

Distractions like these.
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As powerful as they are as online marketing tools, sites like Twitter and Facebook can only be as effective for a brand if they are proactively harnessed to specifically attain your campaigns’ goals. In any case, the immediate objective is to get the word out. And to get the best mileage per status update or blog post, timing, again, should be taken into consideration.

For instance, a tweet has a short lifespan. This should be expected, given the massive number of Twitter users posting multiple tweets every second. And then, there are a lot of distractions online, making your content fleeting specks in the massive expanse that is the social Web. As such, properly timed tweets have better chances of extended exposure online, which can mean better chances of reaching your audience.

On the other hand, “properly timed” can mean different things depending on your intended outcome. This can mean simply shooting tweets at the times of the day just when your targeted demographic is online to read them, or posting them in the heat of an event to capitalize on the raising trend.


Campaign Implementation

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When planning an online marketing campaign, it will pay handsomely to create a timetable you and your team can follow. This part of the planning stage is crucial where you need to consider what big holidays and events are also taking place within your intended unveiling’s timeframe.

In this case, rolling out a marketing campaign meant to tie to a specific event can be a double-edged sword, so to speak. For one, you can take the many opportunities particular holidays may bring to your brand.

People can find your brand, its stream of contents, and existing campaigns on the social media sites’ feeds, or when they do certain holiday-specific searches on Google or Bing. Meanwhile, a huge event (and most likely, more popular brands) can upstage your brand and render it virtually invisible to the people you actually want to reach out to.

Ill-timed components of a strategy will either be thrown to a listless audience where it will be ignored, or it may even have detrimental effects on your brand’s reputation.

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