Tip for the Internet marketer: Learn Code

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Take a casual trek around the social Web and you’ll find boatloads of tips, tricks and how-tos on how one can be adept in Internet marketing. All of us working in both the social media marketing and even SEO industries come with different tasks, skills, interests, and specialties. Because of these, one helpful tip may be more effective for you than others; and the rest won’t even apply to your specific set of responsibilities.

Because nearly every aspect of our lives reside on the very interactive social Web, learning the infrastructure and understanding a bit of the code that keeps our Web sites together may be necessary. Sure, every company has its own Web and tech departments handling their site development and maintenance, but learning code can still be a very helpful skill to acquire.

You don’t have to be at a professional Web dev level (though that would truly be awesome), but at the end of the day, being able to understand syntax in a code tree can really be a great advantage. It can even be crucial at times for almost every job position in a Web company—from the entrepreneurs handling a small business with a Web presence, to the content writer who scrambles for quota every day.


It Looks Great On Your Credentials

For individuals looking for employment and getting ahead in social media marketing, learning the basics is almost always important. Sure not all the classifieds will stress or even mention how important it is, but employers will almost always prefer to hire people that will require less supervision, and less training. Having additional skills outside what your intended job title tells your potential employers that you’re capable and can be trusted to take on more responsibilities.


Small Businesses Can Jumpstart Their Web Presence

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A problem among small businesses (especially your neighborhood mom and pop stores) is that they sometimes are ill equipped when it comes to anything tech-related. And unfortunately, fully establishing and consistently running an online presence doesn’t just involve creating Facebook and Twitter profiles. A personal Web site is an integral component of a brand’s social media ecosystem.


You Can Get Started and Set It Up By Yourself

It is quite unfortunate when business owners are very driven and motivated to expand online and the inability to set up a Web presence is the only thing stopping them. Learning code, on the other hand, assures you that you can easily get started with a Web site within a day to a week of deciding to start a business. A professionally built site can definitely attract more investors and potential online customers your way than a template-based blog.


It Can Help Cut Costs

Obviously, knowing how to code and being able to create your own site can help slash initial costs. You won’t have to hire third-party developers, which is great for small businesses with limited investments. Depending on your skill level, you can check for bug fixes, implement changes, and have full control over specific implementations, allowing you to focus your investments to other aspects of your business.


Better Communications with the Web Team

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If you’re already working in the social media field, understanding code will be helpful in establishing better communications between you and your team, and your in-house or contracted Web development team. This can help save time and resources. For instance, if you already have a specific interface in mind, you can just code a mock up to show the Web team what you need, instead of spending unnecessarily long time explaining to them. In addition to this, it will also be very easy for the tech department to relate with, trust, and follow a leader that knows exactly what he’s talking about, and have nearly the same experiences  as they do. And you’ll be more attuned to their efforts and the potential difficulties of producing their deliverables.


Better Services and Online Strategies

Being privy to the capabilities of Web development can help you gauge what you can do for your social media marketing campaigns. Because of this understanding of the technologies behind the Web and the cloud, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what you can and can’t do with the Web tools that are made available to you. You’ll also have a grasp of the limitations of a site build, prompting you to take advantage of the Web to explore other possible solutions on your own.


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