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Tumblr as a powerful Internet marketing tool

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While Tumblr is not as mainstream popular as either Facebook or Twitter, it’s still a bustling online community with loyal users practically addicted to it, regularly creating and virally sharing tons of content. And along with its rapidly growing user base, online marketers, content producers and news agencies have since turned to it as a great addition to their brand’s online marketing ecosystem.

Just like any kind of social media site, Tumblr carries a lot of features for connecting to likeminded people online, and for easily creating engaging content. And just like any social media site, users have found great ways to leverage on its capabilities. Here are a few tips on making the Tumblr arm of your online campaign flourish.

Define your Tumblr DNA

Define why you're using Tumblr for your Internet marketing campaigns
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Before you consider creating a Tumblr account for your brand, it’s important to first understand why you’re even doing it. Recognize the reasons why you’re getting into Tumblr in spite of having other social profiles, or a blog, or your brand’s own Web site.

This will help in constructing your Tumblr blog’s personality, template and site elements you’ll use, as well as the language of your posts.

It will also help define the direction of your microblogging campaigns and the type of demographic you’ll target.

Know the Tumblr User Base

When you jump onboard, make sure to scout around the landscape to know who else are populating the Tumblrsphere. Not to generalize Tumblrites, but this writer has noticed large populations of hipsters, fashionistas, foodies, gamers and rabid fans of specific TV shows and celebrities. All of these thrive in the ingenious, the random, and the hilarious.

Using these cues, you can define how you create your content: the kind of language you use and the multimedia elements you may want to include to, for starters, catch their attention. And once you do, engage with them further, and aim to establish lasting relationships with them.

Create Compelling Content

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Just like any platform, one of the most important factors that can get the attention of the people within and beyond your targeted demographic is by creating compelling content. Naturally, regularly posted content that is both engaging and of great value to your followers stands significantly better chances at getting Liked and reblogged by other people, spreading your messages and links to their own followers. Tumblr even offers different ways to present your content depending on the media you choose, from good old written text, to videos and photos. And because you have access of every post’s HTML code on the dashboard, you can fashion posts to your liking.

This obviously will help drastically increase your followers at an organic level, with people who truly enjoy your content and those who happen to stumble into your Tumblr blog via Google search following you.

Use Mobile and Third-Party Tools

For best results, you can leverage on Tumblr-geared mobile apps and third-party tools for when you’re on the road, as well as a host of other purposes. The blogging service offers apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry OS devices so you can manage your posts and followers, and create content on-the-go. There are even a handful of Web-based, third-party utilities and browser-extensions (most popular is Missing e) you can also make use of. You can grab and embed the Tumblr Button onto your own Web site, or its Browser bookmarklet to make it easier for your followers.

In addition to this, the Tumblr API is also offered so you can create your own tools, or integrate its capabilities across your brand’s social profiles.

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