Tips on Creating Images Your Audience Would Want to Share

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When it comes to social media, photo content is king. Visuals, whether in photo or video format, draw attention and drive engagement better than plain text. But over and above video content, pictures have the advantage of getting people to respond and take action faster. This is why sharing compelling images in your social networks is a great way to increase click-throughs and traffic to your website.

The key to using images successfully in social media is to create highly shareable pictures. Here are a few tips to help you do this:

Tip #1: Appeal to your audience. If you know the needs and expectations of your audience, you can create photo content that cater to what they want to see or read.

If you’re in the healthy food business, you can create an infographic showing the health benefits of the ingredients you use, or a how-to image on making a simple yet healthy snack. On your next post, you can give your followers a fun tidbit about fruits, or maybe a beautiful image with an inspiring quote that can motivate them to stay fit and healthy.

What matters in this example is that whether you share tips, inspiration, or fun facts with your followers, the content of your images should resonate with what they need or expect from you, which will encourage them to share your posts.

Tip #2: Share images that are universal. Images with subtle or no branding at all are more universal and are highly shareable. With these images, you can easily encourage your followers to share or repost them in their own social networks.

Tip #3: Optimize your images. The size and dimensions of your image should be kept in mind so you can optimize the content. The best size and dimensions will vary depending on the social network platform you use. Facebook, for instance, has a few tips to help you display photos in the highest quality on the social network.

However, as the layout for each platform is subject to change over time, it’s still best to experiment on these elements to know which will work well for your images.



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