Tool Time: Automation Tools for Managing Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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Many companies feel overwhelmed when managing their marketing campaigns across multiple social media accounts. Sometimes, the best solution is not focusing on just one social media account, but finding the best automation tools to manage your campaign.

Here are a few automation tools that can help you execute and manage your next social media strategy effectively:


Crowdbooster is a tool that can help you manage your social media campaigns, as well as streamline activities on Facebook and Twitter more efficiently. It can publish posts automatically on the two social networks, track your new fans or followers, and provide stats on how many times your posts have been shared or retweeted. It can also show you who your most engaged fans are, and allows you to interact with individual fans if you like. Based on your recent post engagement data, Crowdbooster can even suggest the best time of the day for you to post!


Buffer is a great scheduling tool that small to medium sized businesses can use to save time and improve their social media strategy. It allows you to pre-program times for your updates to get posted. Adding an update can be done on your account in two quick clicks, thanks to your scheduled times and installed bookmarklet.


Zaiper is another tool that can automate your tasks across different online services. You can also customize what gets included in your automated trigger events. For example, after you’ve uploaded a video to your YouTube channel, you can program Zaiper to send out a tweet. It works with over 200 online services, with more added on a regular basis.


When developing and managing a social media campaign across multiple networks, it makes sense to replace a few repetitive tasks from time to time using automation tools. Creating fresh, new content is still very necessary, but automation tools will save you time and ensure that no task or post gets forgotten.



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