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April 29th, 2010 by | 4 Comments

Most companies using Twitter in their online marketing campaign’s social media strategies usually have one rudimentary profile where all the brand’s messages, announcements, updates and promotions are funneled through to the Twitterverse. This makes it easy for them to reach out to their existing audience while accumulating potential clients along the way.

These profiles are usually manned by multiple users sharing the same login credentials. This enabled these companies to make sure they have all bases covered with regards to the propagation of information, the brand’s reputation development and for a broad customer relations management.

However, there can also be hitches that go with this setup and most deal with the organization between each member since they are merely sharing one set of login credentials. While there are tools like CoTweet, HootSuite or ScoutLabs that are truly enterprise scalable to easily provide assistance in this matter, we have BirdHerd at the other end of the CRM-hinged spectrum of Twitter tools.

Still in private beta, the MixedContent developed Birdherd provides the same reliable service as the aforementioned Twitter tools but this lightweight, low-cost solution for multiple users to manage a single account seems to be targeted more for smaller companies. It’s built on a very simple graphic user interface that merely consists of three tabs for managing your team of users and doing some basic tweaks to your settings.

To set it up, the main Twitter account must be logged in to Birdherd by either directly signing up for the service or logging in via Twitter’s OAuth implementation. Once logged in, he or she can add other members of the team by simply typing each one of their Twitter usernames on the text field on the Contributors tab.

Once added, these members would be able to follow other Twitter users and send them replies or direct messages, send a direct message to all members of the team, and, of course, tweet on behalf of the main account.

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