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Tools to Rev Up Your Tumblr Marketing Strategies

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Among the many social media sites that have gained massive popularity in recent years is Tumblr. As the love child of a full on blogging service and a microglogging platform, it features great features of both. It’s straightforward, has good integration with other popular social networking sites, it’s easy to share with your online friends, and it has a network of very active loyal users flocking toward common interests and niches. And it is also because of these very reasons that many brands have also included it into their own online marketing campaigns.

Naturally, online marketers will need to know their way around Tumblr if they haven’t already. This includes the brand’s demographic on it, the methods to take on to effectively engage with them, and the ways content can be created and optimized specifically for the platform. And for better usage, we can all rely on the features already the service already offers, or we can make use of third party tools. Here is a handful of useful API-powered browser utilities for Google Chrome that are geared to enhance Tumblr experience.

TumblrHelper is a great Chrome extension that adds very useful features to your Tumblr Dashboard. It can remember and recall common tags specific to post type (text, photo, audio, etc) and can add signatures to new posts. Among other features is that you can add annotations per user, so you can remember why you followed them, or add special notes like how to best engage with them, and what kind of content specific groups of people will respond to.

Tumblr Notifier
As its name implies, this Chrome extension notifies you when there’s a new item on your dashboard one or more of your followers have posted. It appears as an icon on the right side of the browser’s Omnibar that alerts you with a tiny, red word balloon with a number on it just how many new posts there are on your dashboard. That may be all Tumblr Notifier does, but it’s still pretty useful.

Tumblr Dashboard
Tumblr Dashboard puts an icon on your Chrome browser that has direct access to Tumblr even when you’re on some other Web site. Click on it and a small pane will open to display your dashboard in a compressed view just like Tumblr’s iOS and Android apps. If you find a Web site and would like to quickly share its content, the pane has a Share on Tumblr button pre-populated with that page’s title, URL, photos, and links.

Missing E
The most popular Tumblr-geared Chrome extensions is Missing E from one-man development army Jeremy Cutler. It adds a long grocery list of features to Tumblr to make sure you get an easy and productive stay on the social blogging platform. With it, you can bookmark posts, modify the dashboard’s interface for better use, hide unsafe images (read: NSFW) while browsing the feed, add timestamps to unanswered ASK messages and privately answered ones, and allow mass deletion and selection of posts. And all these are just few of its features.

Post to Tumblr
Find something online you’d like to immediately share on Tumblr? Post to Tumblr lets you quickly do that with just a right click. The usual menu called when you right click on a Web page will include a “Post Page to Tumblr” option which directs you to a page on a separate tab where you can format and publish your post onto your Tumblr page.

Tumblr Shortcuts
The Tumblr dashboard lets you jump from one post to another using the J and K buttons on your keyboard. Tumblr Shortcuts expands this with a handful of other keyboard hotkeys for easy navigation around Tumblr. Pressing L, for instance, will Like posts for you, R will reblog, and Q will add your post to the posting queue instead of publishing it immediately.

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