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It’s been pretty interesting since Twitter’s API became open to third party Web site developers. It prompted the emergence of an organized cacophony of Web tools and services that leveraged on the microblogging tool’s functionalities.

As a result, we have been seeing some considerable amount of features, capabilities and third party site implementations to organize the Twittersphere and integrate messaging. These ranged from the useful services aimed to enhance Twitter usage, track statistics and enable cross platform information sharing, to those single-serving tools that inject 140-character fun and gaming into the user experience.

Operating seamlessly between the business and marketing sides of Twitter use, CoTweet offers a lot of features off its multifaceted sleeves in a simple, easy-to-use interface. While there are many Twitter clients to choose from, CoTweet’s capabilities refined specifically for CRM (customer relations management) is its main draw. In fact, 12 top brass companies, including Microsoft, Sprint, Ford and jetBlue, have already seen its benefits and have since signed up and implemented the service into their company’s online communication.

If your company is using Twitter as part of its campaign’s tools for CRM, it’s common to have a singular account to represent your entire brand. CoTweet lets you assign more than one person to update it. Each person would need to sign up for a CoTweet account but once approved they can schedule duties for easy management and monitoring within the application. It uses a sort of byline to identify between each user with, something like ^MS (as you can see from the screenshot below).

Similarly, it also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts with the updating duties delegated to other people in your company, allowing for a more productive and efficient communication over the microblog. It’s pretty simple if you think about it but it’s a whole lot better than having to log off from one account and log into another every time you need to update multiple account.

Within the application, you can also do pre-posts and schedule when they would be tweeted out. This is great when you’ve already planned out a set of consecutive tweets to follow through your marketing strategy, so you can leave it functioning by itself as you focus on other aspects of your campaign.

For URLs, CoTweet uses as its shortener and can tie it with your own account if you also happen to have one so you can also track your tweets’ traction across Twitter. This, however, is further beefed up with CoTweet’s Klout integration which displays your Klout Score which is a numeric representation of how influential you and your tweets are on Twitter.

And speaking of  integrations, another feature roll out saw the service forming close ties with This, in itself, is a big deal as it will allow CoTweet to cross-posting to over 30 supported social networks, photo sharing services, blogs and microblogs which will significantly broaden your reach with relatively little effort.

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