Tool Time: Disqus and Zemanta for WordPress

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WordPress is among the most popular Web properties today, hosting and providing content management solutions to millions of Web sites worldwide. There are 72, 313, 329 WordPress sites as of writing, half of which are hosted by the blogging CMS company, and covering a massive range of topics—from news and current affairs, to desserts and recipes.

This number is a mishmash of personal pages, blogs, and corporate sites from brands and businesses of every size. And brands using WordPress need the necessary tools to empowering their online presence and expand their mileage on the social Web, tools like plugins.

Plugins are extra tools that can be downloaded, and installed to expand the capabilities of larger software, like browsers and Web applications in this case. WordPress, as a content management system, can have plugins to extend its functionalities. And in a post last week, we talked about one of the most popular plugins for WordPress, Share This. Here are two more plugins you may want to integrate into your WordPress powered Web site or blog to help boost your brand’s social media efforts.

Disqus Comment System
As an online discussion and commenting service, Disqus features support for different kinds of social media sites and blogging platform. Its plugin for WordPress, the Disqus Commenting System, replaces the basic WP comments with its own hosted comment system. It allows threaded replies per comment, and can index these to track discussions and let them searchable online. It’ll notify your via e-mail if you’ve received comments. In addition to these, it also aggregates with Gravatar’s databases to display user avatars.

Zemanta is a content suggestions service for blogs and Web sites, and as such can be a great tool for improving your site’s search engine optimization strategies. At the onset, it will help supplement your content, suggesting related sites to link to, images to use in your content, and even popular keywords you can use. While all these are well intended to help drive traffic to your site and make it more visible online, you should still follow your own planned direction for your content.



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