Tool Time: Essential social media services for establishing new businesses

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Setting up a new business venture can be both exciting and frightening. It’s littered with challenges every step of the way. And when it comes to marketing the brand and its products and services, new business owners are faced with the challenge of getting noticed by the general populace—people who have never heard of them or what they offer.

The good thing is that the social Web exists, making it easier for new companies to build their branding efforts, and cultivate their following. And unlike the mom-and-pop stores of yesteryears, today’s businesses are mostly manned by knowledgeable individuals, skilled in the ways of the Web and fully aware that it’s a crucial component for their business’ success.

And there are tons of social media services and tools that can help enterprising upstarts hit the ground running. Here are some of them.


Your Social Media Starter Kit

To help you and your new company get started on Internet marketing, you should have a presence on these social media services.

  • Facebook
    Facebook lets you create a page where you can attract and interact with your demographic. It has a ton of features for keeping them engrossed with your business, and gives you a range of tools to execute your marketing strategies.
  • Twitter
    It may be simple and only lets you to send very short messages to your contacts, but Twitter’s a great tool for online marketing. Almost everyone’s there—all you need now is a well-planned campaign, proactive execution, and a constant interaction with your followers.
  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn can help increase your brand’s online visibility, share content with other individuals, and for conducting targeted B2B (business to business) marketing. It’ll also be an essential resource for when looking for other companies to partner with and skilled people to hire.
  • Google Plus
    Like all social networks, Google Plus is chockfull of features for connecting to your targeted audience online. However, it also has plenty of unique features like Circles, Hangouts, and Google+ for Businesses–features your business could greatly benefit from.


Services For Specific Strategies

After investing time building your social media presence, you’ll need to create strategies to help your brand become more visible and relevant online. Depending on what campaigns you and your marketing team may come up with, you’ll still need to rely on a handful of social media services to get the ball continuously rolling.

  • Eventbrite
    If organizing events is part of your brand’s marketing strategies, then Eventbrite is just the service for you. It’s a nifty online service that takes the load off the painfully tiresome tasks of planning events, organizing ticket sales (should you decide on charging your attendees), and promoting it across the Web.
  • YouTube
    New businesses thinking about including videos to content marketing and those aiming to better engage with  followers should get on YouTube. Google’s video site enables your followers to form discussions around your every video. It’s pretty flexible, letting you embed it on your Web site or blog and across the social Web.
  • Kickstarter
    Kickstarter is meant for enabling individuals and start-ups to get their brilliant ideas for projects, ventures, and businesses to be realized through crowdsourced funding. Aside from getting financial help, new businesses can get more buzz around their developing projects through cross-promotions online.
  • Foursquare
    If your new business has a physical location (like a booth at the local mall or an actual storefront), location-based service Foursquare  will prove to be s very effective tool in your social media shed. It centers around gamifying customer visits, which gives you a lot of opportunities and ways to wield it to accomplish your brand’s marketing goals.
  • Tumblr
    You can call Tumblr the bastard child of a full-on blogging service and a microblogging platform, letting you post content, and share it with your followers with a click. Huge communities are rallying around it, making it a great way to reach people within and beyond your demographic.
  • Pinterest
    One of the most popular sites today, Pinterest lets you organize interesting photos and videos into boards in any way you want. Here, brands can showcase their products, services, content, and even document their events. This works great if your intended strategies involve using images to engage with your followers.
  • Instagram
    Because it’s easy use and has a lot of good features, a lot of businesses are using mobile app-driven social media service Instagram for their campaigns. So should you. It provides you with another way to reach and engage with your targeted demographic using photos. Just whip out your phone, capture interesting photos, and share them with your followers.

The social Web is dynamic and adaptive: two qualities that can help foster innovation. It has allowed new services to crop up, each with its own specialties and features new businesses can take advantage of to boost their online presence, and market their products to more people than ever before. And the way Web technology marches forward, it looks like we should expect more social media tools to roll out of the Web dev woodwork in the months to come.

These are just a few social media tools many businesses are using these days, and there a lot more out there. What are you using?


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