Tool Time: Popular social media plugins for WordPress newbies

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Millions of brands worldwide rely on WordPress for their Web site and blogging needs. As of writing, the company boasts of having over 74,173,631 Web sites under their belt, with users producing about 500,000 new posts that generate approximately 400,000 new comments on an average day.

And to support its user base, WordPress offers a plethora of premium products and services to help their users optimize their Web properties and reach more people online. among those products, the Web hosting and blogging platform has also opened up its trails to allow third party developers to expand their features by creating plugins.

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, here’s the deal: plugins are additional tools and utilities that can be downloaded and installed to add new features to Web sites and blogs, or enhance existing ones. For instance, a plugin called bbPress will enable sites owners to create forums right into their Web sites, while NextGEN lets you create galleries and slideshows.

Naturally, there are hordes of plugins that can help WordPress sites thrive on the social Web. These include content plugins for automatically distributing or cross-posting content online, aggregating social network posts, managing multiple social profiles, and for measuring impressions and engagements—valuable social media marketing solutions brands may need to further their Internet marketing strategies.

So if you’re fresh-off-the-rock and just starting to optimize your WordPress-powered site’s social Web presence, here are some of today’s most popular social media plugins you can rely on.



Askimet is a WordPress plugin for social media marketing purposes
As you may know, managing your blog’s comments section is important. When left unsupervised, the comment section, can become a hotbed for reputation-harming trolls and link spreading spammers. While you may have to deal with the trolls yourself, your can let Akismet filter out comment spam. This plugin will analyze every comment left on your site to determine if they’re spam or not. These spammy comments will be gathered in a single dashboard where you can trash or approve them yourself.


All-in-One SEO Pack

The All-in-One SEO Pack is a WordPress Plugin for better Search Engine Optimization for Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are two Internet segments that can greatly affect a brand’s visibility and expand their online presence. These are achieved by harnessing the power of search and the social Web—something the All-in-One SEO Pack does pretty well. It optimizes Web sites to be more visible to search engines (and to Web searchers) by letting you add targeted keywords and keyphrases without having to touch every page’s HTML code. Instead, you can edit a Web page’s meta tags right from WordPress’ content management dashboard.



Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that optimizes Web sites for better social media marketing
Wordpress’ hosting services come in two flavors: .com where your site is hosted on the WordPress platform and has more features than its .org counterpart where you can choose your site to instead be hosted somewhere else. However, installing Jetpack can bring those sweet features that aren’t readily available to users. This lets you easily embed multimedia from YouTube or Vimeo, and enables people to subscribe and receive e-mails when there are new posts. In addition to this, Jetpack also has a Twitter widget to display your brand’s recent tweets, an integration with a After the Deadline that checks your posts for spelling and grammatical errors, a URL shortener, and a site stat tracker


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