Tool Time: SocialBro makes Twitter marketing management a cinch

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Tool Time: SocialBro makes Twitter marketing management a cinch

Marketing your brand on Twitter can be exciting and fun. You get to bring news to your brand’s followers, meet and talk to interesting people, and see their positive response tweets about your good announcements. But while doling out your regular 140-character tweets can be easy, the ensuing online marketing campaign management and engagement monitoring can really be challenging, especially when you have a considerably large number of followers. To help you with these, you’ll need to be armed with the right social media tools. SocialBro is one of these tools that carry a lot of very useful features to help you simplify your Twitter management tasks.

Search the Web and you’ll find a lot of tools you can use for making this time consuming task easy. SocialBro is a paid service that focuses on helping Twitter users and brands get a better understanding of their demographic and then some. This social media tool offers their services to three kinds of users: Twitter lovers for individuals, professional Twitter users who have large followings, and companies and agencies for their Internet marketing tactics.

After signing up, you’re directed to your account dashboard where you will be able to view and analyze your Twitter following through filters based on many different qualifiers like language, number of followers and friends, and account age. You can also filter your community based on other details like those with URLs listed in their bio, how active they are over the Twittersphere and whether they’re verified users or not. It’ll even show you a world map and point out where your followers are from with its Google Maps integration.

You’ll also be privy to lists of people in your community, letting you track unfollows, those who are not following your back, those you may want to follow or unfollow and which ones are just bots. This will help you manage your followers and trim those that are merely occupying space in your list or spamming your feed. It can also track your community’s activities, informing you when your followers are online so you can decide on the best times to engage with your followers and get maximum exposure on Twitter.

SocialBro also features a great visual reporting system. It can generate various reports with detailed graphs and charts for you to easily analyze your Twitter information and help you make quick decision on the fly. Obviously, aside from all these management features, you can also tweet, send direct messages, and search for specific people from within the service.

As mentioned, SocialBro is a paid service, one that can definitely be that one tool for your Twitter marketing management needs. With all its features, it can be help you as you map out and realign engagement tactics, and for finding the right influencers to reach out to. This way, you can create and roll out the right campaigns for your brand and steer your the way you integrate other services and engage with your demographic.


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