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April 20th, 2010 by | 3 Comments

As social media becomes an integral part of your brand’s online marketing campaign, it’s important to gauge its effectiveness in relation to your overall goals by tracking your social footprint across various channels and measuring their traction online.

While there are a lot of statistics reporting tools and status trackers available today, more often than not most of them lay particular focus only on specific social networks (usually Twitter and Facebook). As a result you end up using numerous tools and conduct multiple searches just to track one message you broadcasted. To solve this, we shine today’s tool time spotlight on SocialMention.

SocialMention, in a nutshell, is a potent social media search engine that offers a bevy of features and yields a bevy of useful information. For the basic search, you can quickly find out what people are saying about you or your brand across an expansive array of sources including bookmarking services, comments, blogs, news portals, images, videos, audios and events in real-time.

Its search algorithm indexes across 80 Web sites including Digg, Delicious, TweetPhoto, Plurk, DeviantArt, FriendFeed, YouTube and Metacafe among others, so you know it’s got you pretty much covered. Moreover, it offers good flexibility as you can select what kind of Web sites SocialMention should source from or you can even specify which Web site/s it should sift through for every search by clicking on their corresponding check boxes.

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Searching yields a streamlined stream of results and offers comprehensive information aside from the customary text links.

At the top you’ll find important figures like Strength (the likelihood that your brand is being talked about in social media), Passion (the likelihood that the people talking about your brand will repeatedly do so), Sentiment (the ratio of mentions that are positive to those that are negative) and Reach (the measure of range of your brand’s influence measured by the number of unique users who have mentioned your brand).

Other particulars like the top keywords, top users (users who frequently mention the search phrase relating to your brand), the top Twitter hashtags used and a detailed number of mentions per Web site are also included here for easy analysis.

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