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UPDATE: Threadsy has since closed down shop, bidding farewell in November 2011.  ]

Originally launched in June 2009 during TechCrunch50 last year, Threadsy has been in private beta until it opened its doors to the public (beta) mere days ago. It’s an all-in-one social media and communication client; and it has to be one of the most potent one you’ll find online today.

As a communication aggregator, Threadsy mashes together various social networks, e-mail and chat together and slathers everything into a user interface that’s clean and completely idiot-proof. As of writing, it integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and AIM among others. It features two vertical panels that separates the aggregated messages on the left panel from the live stream of status updates and tweets to the right.

The left panel integrates all your e-mails ala-inbox along with Facebook comments as well as the archive of tweet where your friends have acknowledged you with an @. You also have the option to view each messaging service individually. For e-mail, clicking opens it up to let you view the contained messages. From here, you have your usual e-mail functions like compose, reply, forward, delete, print and you can even organize the e-mail by moving them into the folders you have set up with that particular service. Composing e-mails allows you to attach files and append a signature with all your specified social media buttons. Likewise, you can also comment back on Facebook wall posts.

The right panel, on the other hand, displays all the Twitter updates and Facebook wall posts in real-time. If an update contains a link to a photo, a thumbnail will be included. You can retweet and reply to each tweet while Facebook wall posts can be commented on, and Liked. Sending updates to either social network are simple and Threadsy even searches using the microblog’s functionality.

A really cool feature you’d find here is whenever you click on any message on the left panel, the right panel will display a complete overview of the sender. These include the bio off Google’s Blogger (if the sender keeps a blog under the service), a photo set off Flickr and the latest updates from the supported Web sites.

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