Tool Time: Three Useful Tools for Twitter

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Whether you’re simply using Twitter for the social media aspect of your brand’s campaign or simply following the traction of your tweet for personal reasons, here are three tools to make sure you’re well informed across the Twitterverse.

URL shorteners have been widely used in IMs, microblogs and across social networks to send a link that would otherwise have used up a lot more than you’d like in the already limited 140-character space. Carrying far more functionality than your traditional URL shortener,, from Betaworks also offers a bevy of tools for both users and Web developers. From its homepage, you can track the progress of the link the shortened URL you’ve created is pointing to not only within Twitter, but also on FriendFeed (with the number of times it’s been Shared) and Facebook (with the number of times it’s been Linked and Commented on). With a click, it’ll show reports on the number of clicks your link has gotten as well as a chart where you can track its popularity which you can view in real-time, for the past week and the past month.

Google Follow Finder

A new feature Google recently rolled out; Google Follow Finder features a clean user interface and lets Twitter users expand their networks by helping them discover new people to follow. It’s the product of the integration with the microblogging tool’s @anywhere platform and Google’s real-time search technology. Upon entering a Twitter username, this tool will generate a list of recommended people you may want to follow based on a quick analysis of your public social graph (your network of followers and people you follow). Each name has a Follow button under it and by clicking on it, they are automatically added to your follow list.


England-based Web developer Elliott Kember initially intended for Spreadtweet to be the ultimate undercover Twitter client masquerading under a spreadsheet interface to make it easier tweet in the workplace without raising suspicions. However, under all its faux Excel buttons, is a cleanly designed interface with a full Twitter functionality but light enough to barely makes a dent on your computer’s memory.

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