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Social media is a great platform for brands wanting to expand their reach online, and have a better relationship with their demographic. And with its wealth of resources and real-time capabilities, it’s essentially become that so-called go-to guy where brands have learned to entrust their Internet marketing, brand development, reputation management, and demographic engagements. Obviously, brand monitoring on the social networks will also play an integral role. And it is here that Twilert will prove to be very helpful.

Twilert is easy to use and manage

Developed by London-based development agency Codegent, Twilert is a Web service that alerts users whenever there are mentions of their brand and/or their specified keywords over the Twittersphere.

Think of it as the Google Alerts for Twitter, in that its algorithm scours the social media giant. Subscribe and it will send these mentions to you via e-mail, making it easier for you to keep track of what people are saying about your brand.

It’s free, and signing up for its service is straightforward. On the dashboard, you can login using your Twitter or Google login credentials, and then select your timezone from a dropdown box. After this, you will have to create a Twilert list composed of your brand’s Twitter username, as well as any kind of keyword you wish to monitor. The latter naturally includes words and phrases related to your niche or your brand’s industry.

Twilert offers many ways to filter your searches

At the top of your dashboard is a counter which declares the number of Twilert e-mails it has sent you since you signed up. Every item on your Twilert list can be customized. At the onset you can indicate the usernames and keywords you’d like to monitor, and when you want the service to send you the e-mails alerts.

Clicking on the Advanced Search Options link will show more comprehensive filters for better search and alert management. This includes receiving Twitter mentions that are either from specific users, or are directed to specific people. It can even filter out retweets to keep search results organic.

Twilert can even let you specify a location so the service can sift through tweets sent within kilometers or miles near it. This will work splendidly if your brand is running localized social media marketing campaigns. Aside from these, you can have this Web app to alert you about mentions that only include links, show positive or negative impressions, and tweets that are in the form of a question. These, of course, will definitely be quite useful for gauging your engagements with your following online, and for managing any social media-driven customer service.

For a Web service that looks idiot-proof, and is very easy to use and navigate through, Twilert is quite the feature-rich tool for brands and individuals looking to keep track of their mentions on Twitter. It’s one very useful tool any brand manager or Internet marketing ought to include in their social media armory.

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