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The microblogging giant Twitter has become an essential element in building an effective marketing campaign. By leveraging on its social networking aspect, you can establish connections and maintain sound relationships with your target audience. With its 140-character tweeting capacity, though limited as it may seem, you can map out a compelling marketing strategy that can increase site traffic to your Web site or blog and allow for a significant and efficient push on your brand awareness drive.

However, as potentially potent Twitter is for your campaign’s goals and even with its steadily growing set of features, it’s still pretty much equipped with just the bare essentials for the basic tweeting. After all, it is first and foremost a microblogging service so you really can’t fault its very architecture for its few marketing-oriented limitations.

To alleviate this, there are third party applications to augment Twitter. And there are a lot really, littering the Web and ranges from the unobtrusive browser-specific plugins to full blow services. Their functions and capabilities vary, while most of those you’ll find merely measure your performance based on several key performance indicators, others offer more specific uses like for conversion rate tracking and cost management.

Some of these tools you can rely on to gauge the effectiveness of the Twitter leg of your campaign, and adjust your strategies and maybe even your roadmap accordingly for specific goals. So to save you the sweat, we’ve done the filtering for you and have come up with a good lineup of tools to help you maximize Twitter’s capabilities.


Launched during SXSW Interactive in 2009, Klout measures just how influential you are across the Twitter stream in terms of a Klout Score which is the numerical representation of the size and strength of your sphere of influence on Twitter. The score is determined by tracking the impact of your opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph (whether they replied, retweeted it or simply ignored your tweet) in relation to the size and composition of your network of followers.

Another good feature Klout does is that, like well known search engines, it also comes out with its own Zeitgeist. As of writing the Influencer Zeitgeist for 2009 is up with the results are based essentially on the same Klout Score metrics and is arranged in categories such as popular hash tags, products, companies, people, music and TV shows among others.


TwitterCounter is a simple yet popular Web service that gives you insights on your growth on Twitter with a graph displaying your progress (or lack thereof) within the last three months. Around it are other figures you would expect to find in a metrics-based, progress-tracking service, such as your number of followers, profiles you are following, your overall number of tweets so far and recent Twitter ranking. Aside from these, you also get other nifty figures like predicted number of followers within a specific time, your average daily growth and it even allows you to make comparisons with up to three other Twitter users.

Aside from these features, TwitterCounter also has a widget which you can embed onto your personal site or blog which tells you which of your contacts have dropped by or, if the visitor is not in your Twitter stream, it would offer them a link to follow you. In addition, TwitterCounter also offers a paid service with its Premium Dashboard where you can compare and track multiple Twitter accounts, pull up statistics and figures from even over a year’s time, and you can even export the stats in CSV format.


Monittor lets you become the proverbial “fly on the wall” as it gives you a glimpse of what popular topics being discussed on Twitter in real-time. This tracking tool lets you personalize your searches by typing in keywords, hashtags or even @profiles and you’ll see the users mentioning those words and their tweets populating the three columns. You can also add or take away columns as needed. However, depending on the popularity of the qualifiers you entered, it could get a little confusing at times as tweets, accompanied by their matching userpics, tend to continuously shift across the screen. Good thing though there’s a PAUSE button to freeze the incoming tweets from being displayed. Aside from word qualifiers, you can also add a location and specify a distance to further filter the feeds.

Despite sounding an app created entirely for rumor mongering and vanity searches, it’s actually very useful. For one, you can use it to keep track of what people are saying about you or your brand by entering your own keywords. You can also find potential audience by entering a specific topic that refers to your product or services or a subject that simply interests you. This can also allows you to grow your community of followers.

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