Twiistup 2009 Recap and Report

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This year’s Twiistup was set to not only provide a fun, exciting mixer where entrepreneurs and social media lovers could dance the night away, but it was the first time that the conference branched out into a two day event focused on providing valuable content to the young internet entrepreneur.  The team was the first on the scene to capture the event, talk with the showcasing entrepreneurs, and meet with Hollywood and Social Media legends like Brooke Burke and Brian Solis.

Day 1 – The Entrepreneur Showcase

As Day 1 opened, I could tell that this was going to be an exciting day full of learning.  Day 1 began with a showcase of 12 startup companies that are doing amazing things in the social media world.  Here are some of our favorite companies that presented:

Bake Space – Bake Space is an amazing community where users can share recipes, meet other people interested in baking, and learn from people who love to bake.  Bake Space actually brought 1,000 cupcakes to Twiistup and shared it with all of the attendees.

Here is a video of Erin interviewing Babette Pepaj, the Founder and CEO of Bake Space:

Diddit – I was very impressed with Diddit’s social network.  It’s a fun community where people share their life experiences and communicate their life goals.  People in turn help each other accomplish what they want to do which allows the community to check-off adventures that they have done and find other cool things that they might want to do.

Watch Erin interview Adena DeMonte, Community Manager at Diddit:

Eqal – Eqal builds social communities for entertainment brands and gathers their scattered social fans into one central community where members can create a profile, meet each other, upload their user-generated content, and engage with the entertainment brand on a deeper level.

Watch Erin interview Miles Beckett, Co-Founder and CEO of Eqal:

Streamy – Streamy is a social aggregator that allows users to “stream” in all of their favorite content online.  What makes them unique is there very easy to use CMS that has a drag and drop feature so that you can easily share and discover all of the amazing content online.

Watch me interview Don Mosites, the CEO of Streamy: – I’m an avid user of which is pretty much a Twitter for music.  You can sent short messages to your community linking them to the song that you’re currently listening to, allowing you to meet people of similar music taste and discover new music from your community.

Watch Erin interview Jeff Yasuda, the Founder and CEO of

Social media in PR and the entertainment world

More and more celebrities are starting to use social media to communicate with their fan base and reach out to an audience that they normally wouldn’t be able to hit.  With celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and large news syndicates like CNN leading the way, you can bet that Twitter will become the go to place to communicate with the celebrity world.

Brian Solis from Future Works had a keynote about how to get your startup noticed.  He focused on how the world of PR has changed and that in order to get noticed in the current world, you must utilize social media to monitor your brand and create a positive brand image.  Erin caught up with Brian after his presentation and spoke to him about how business can use social media to promote their brand:

The great thing about Twiistup was that Francisco was able to bring in key stars like Brooke Brurke and Chamillionaire to talk about how they’re uniquely using social media to start a company or build a close relationship with their fans.

Brooke, the Co-CEO of Modern Mom, gave excellent advice about how you must have authenticity to succeed in the social media world.  Erin spoke to Brooke about this topic:

Day 2 – Social Media Titans

Chris Brogan and Jason Calacanis were among the presenters for the 2nd day of the conference.  This was the highlight for many of the attendees because a majority of them had a blog that they wanted to drive more traffic to.  Chris debunked a lot of the myths about building blog traffic and offered concrete advice that any blogger can use to immediately increase traffic.

One of my favorite people that I met the 2nd day was Arjun Dev Arora, the Founder and President of  For anyone interested in ad placements to drive traffic, you should really look into Arjun’s service because he allows you to target your site visitors again and again once they have left your website.  Here is a quick video interview I did with Arjun:

See you at the next Twiistup

Overall, Twiistup was a fun, valuable experience that allowed me to meet many amazing people in the social media community.  If you’re an internet entrepreneur, then you need to be at the next Twiistup to showcase your startup, meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, and to have fun during the evening mixer.

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