Twitter’s @anywhere Goes Live

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Twitter’s @anywhere feature has now gone live and ready for the taking for Web developers and site owners, as announced by the social communication tool’s co-founder Biz Stone on their official blog.

As you may remember, this feature was initially previewed last month during SXSWi where Twitter CEO Evan Williams explained the technology behind it and how it can benefit both users and Web site owners alike as it opens up the so-called Twitterverse. As a refresher: @anywhere is Twitter’s latest communications platform that allows for a much deeper integration with other Web sites.

It allows users quick access to their Twitter profiles without having to actually leave the current sites their browsers are currently on. As such, you as a Twitter user can follow an author from one of its many participating sites directly from his byline, tweet about an embedded video or discover other accounts, for instance.

It will also support username autolinking, follow buttons, user login options and a signup capability. This beefs up Twitter’s stance as a messaging tool while giving third party sites more value (and of course, site traffic) while enriching user experience.

Twitter previously listed several participating third party sites like Bing, Digg, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and The New York Times. The list has grown significantly with the likes of AdAge, Gawker and both FourSquare and Gowalla joining the fold.

As expected, reception from these Web sites have been positive as Stone quotes some of their enthusiastic testimonials with @anywhere on his post. He shared the UK-based newspaper The Guardian is using the service to connect its readers with news and commentaries about those running for public office.

“Now, from within our pages you can ask questions your prospective parliamentary candidates and of our journalists.” said The Guardian representative. “This is a clear indication of how we’re trying to lower barriers between our audience and those who hold power or seek to hold office, and between our readers and our journalists.”

Moreover, Stone naturally shares this enthusiasm, stating that they will also share in the future how other sites will integrate @anywhere. And to those who are interested but have yet to implement it on their domains, he quipped “Let’s see what you can do with @anywhere. We can’t wait.”

Not to be confused with Facebook’s Facebook Connect, @anywhere also follows the same implementation measures for customization. This is easily done by visiting and entering details like the URL of the site you intend on employ this feature on and then uploading an application icon which will be face of @anywhere within your page. This generates a JavaScript to be pasted on a site’s HTML code.

Now that @anywhere has actually been rolled out of the Twitter production line, it should be interesting how Web sites will leverage on its capabilities. The traditional Web sure needs strategies to neatly tighten and clear up its already crowded tubes, @anywhere can definitely help serve that purpose and then some. Also, the addition of two location-based services makes it even more appealing as it bridges the service to the mobile platform.

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